12 fun holiday traditions to do this year


Festive holiday items

Estella Cui, Staff writer

This year is one like no other. With a pandemic that prevents people from gathering and seeing friends, it is more important than ever to find new traditions and things to do with your families at home for any holiday you celebrate. This year, CDC has limited gatherings to ensure that all guests may remain six feet apart at all times. So, here are some fun activities to do with your families in the comfort of your home.

1. Drive through Christmas lights

Lights at the Botanical Garden.

Take your family on a drive-through trip of Christmas lights. Marvel at the colorful designs constructed strictly from festive lights and blowups. There are many locations in and around Westford for citizens to enjoy. Some places include the Tower Hill Botanical Garden and the Festival of Lights.

2. Give back to your community

A photo of the Cameron Senior Center on a sunny day.

Now is the best time to show your thanks and gratitude to workers in our community. Over the holidays, take some time to volunteer at the Cameron Senior Center or the Westford Food Pantry. You won’t know how good it feels until you try it for yourself.

3. Play games with family

A birds-eye-view of a family playing with Legos.

The holidays are always a great time to whip out your family’s favorite games. This year especially, it is the perfect time to roll the dice and take a relaxing break with your family. Spend some time dishing out bills in a game of Monopoly, or making a fool of yourself in Charades, or even just experimenting with your childhood Legos.

4. Baking

Assorted holiday cookies laying on a table.

This year, try your hand at baking a new holiday treat. From gingerbread to candies to cakes, these treats can never go wrong. Search up some simple and easy recipes, gather the supplies, and see what types of magic you can make! Here is a recipe for sugar cookies. Here is a gingerbread recipe. Here is a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

5. Karaoke

A family singing in their home.

Why not try your family’s hand at music as well? Choose from your favorite song selections and belt out the lyrics like you have no care in the world. Search ‘karaoke’ in the search bar on Youtube and choose from a huge variety of songs. The best thing is there is none other than your family to judge you!

6. Video call your relatives

A cartoon take on video calling friends.

We can’t see the relatives that we would usually see during the holidays in a normal year. To make this year as normal as it can be, facetime your favorite aunts, uncles, and cousins for some time to catch up and refresh your memory of their faces and smiles. If Zoom does not work, try Google Meet, Skype, or Facetime!

7. Binge-watch your favorite holiday movies

A closeup of an entertainment show ticket.

What is a better time to sit on the couch, grab a bucket of popcorn, and host a family movie marathon? We suddenly have all the time in the world now, so it is the perfect time to sit back and relax. From the classic Grinch and Elf to the newer film Noelle, there are plenty of fun films to watch and enjoy throughout the holidays.

8. Art

An oil painting of lotus flowers.

Art is widely known as a calming and peaceful activity to do. Add your own twist to pieces to create your perfect masterpiece. Frame it and hang it up in your living room for all to marvel at. Search up references online, or just freehand your art and indulge in the beauty of your pieces. Personally, my favorite place to find references is on Pinterest.

9. Journaling

This is a journaling and planning set

People always say to write down what you feel. This holiday, do exactly that. This year is a year that none of us will ever forget. So, journal about it and write down your favorite memories of this year. Who knows, maybe when you pack your things to move out, you’ll dig up this journal from under your bed and realize how very odd this year was.

10. Tell Stories

A mother reads a story to her young daughters

As a break from the seemingly constant technology these days, tell your family some stories. Stories are passed down from generation to generation. Take the time to tell your family members your favorite stories that you have learned over your years of life. Ask your family members for stories of their own. You learn a lot from how a person tells a story.

11. Make a photo book

Print out your favorite memories of the year and glue them onto a DIY photo book. Compile all of your and your family’s favorite memories into one easy spot for you to look back on. There are so many ways to make a photo book, but one is here. 

12. Build a snowman 

Festive snowmen appear in a line.

With the freshly fallen snow on the ground, it is the perfect time to build snowmen with your family. Building snowmen is a wonderful way to bond with your family members and spend some cherishable time with them. Get creative with how you accessorize your snowmen!