“My Happy Ending” Grey’s Anatomy episode 3 breakdown

Meredith Grey fights COVID.

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Meredith Grey fights COVID.

Molly Smith, Sports Editor

Episode three of “Grey’s Anatomy” aired on November 19. This episode was a great one and really opened the viewers up to the inside of hospitals during a pandemic. I would definitely recommend this episode to anyone who is up to date in the series. This episode began with Richard giving an online speech about the new COVID protocols at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. The entire staff got tested for COVID and the residents were not allowed in any of the rooms with COVID patients.

Then we see Meredith Grey in the hospital four days since she had collapsed in the parking lot due to a side effect with COVID. She seems to be doing good but is reluctant to be treated like a patient. Something that has happened in all her hospital visits including in season 9 and 12, when she had her son and than when she was attacked.

Also, Maggie is struggling, because she has had another patient die, one she had become quite closed with. This was her seventh patient to die this week.

Later, Maggie and DeLuca go try to take Meredith to get some tests they see that Meredith had collapsed on the floor in her hospital room; just minutes after nearly convincing the doctors she was fine to go quarantine in a hotel. This is important because it shows the viewers that COVID can affect young and healthy people.

We soon see Meredith back on the beach she walks towards Derek. She seems convinced that this is real when she is walking. We later find out that the closer she gets to Derek the closer she is to death. This is a very cool concept to be played across the screen this season.

When Maggie and DeLuca wake Meredith up, she talks about the beach and how she doesn’t want any more tests. She just wants to go to Derek.  

Jo exits the hospital we see Link enter the hospital grounds escaping his dad duties of four kids at home.

In the CT with Meredith, DeLuca is freaking out while Teddy and Maggie are concerned about the health of her lungs because they are starting to look like the patients who did not fare so well.

Meanwhile, Koracick has a new job that is a sure thing to diminish his ego because he is being told to teach the residents. He doesn’t seem to have the right tool belt to help guide the first year residents. through a pandemic and says he is only good at teaching doctors how to become neurosurgeons.

Maggie becomes fed up with Teddy and is worried about the quality of Meredith’s lungs and the struggles that Teddy has had on the outside between her family life and her relationship with Owen. I completely understand Maggie’s concerns considering Teddy because she has made some very questionable decisions lately and has a lot going on.

There is also a patient in the OR that has a very unusual pregnancy that excites all the doctors including Meredith in her hospital bed.

Soon after, we hear a very sentimental talk from Jackson about how he misses seeing Hariet, his daughter, every day. I think this is a perfect scene that catches the dad in Jackson and not just the plastic surgeon everybody loves. He just misses seeing his baby girl.

The nurses are soon mad at the residents because Korasick is not teaching them correctly. We later find out that only four of the original residents made it to the end of the day. This shows us how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on doctors across the country especially young doctors with little experience.

Meredith talks to Amelia about her kids and they realize her health care directive still says Alex Karev. Meredith is unwilling to put the responsibilities on either one of her sisters, Because they have been through so much already and Amelia has already lost her brother, dad and baby.

The pregnant patient has her baby and names her daughter Luna. This is finally a positive in the world of the pandemic.

Back to the beach we go, Meredith is just a few steps away from a grinning Derek, but they cannot get closer. She can’t get closer to him because he is dead and she is worried about her kids so will not go and join him in the afterlife. This is something that makes complete sense, but is also heartbreaking.

Meredith soon receives a phone call from Hayes. Hayes tells her to choose someone who will choose her over and over again.Then Meredith expresses her concerns that she is afraid she will fall asleep and never wake up something a healthy middle-aged person should not have to deal with. She later chooses Richard as her healthcare proxy to make her medical decisions a kind of pay back for when she was his when he was electrocuted.

Later that day, Link goes home Amelia is then in tears because she is so upset over Meredith. Her kids are scared is tired doesn’t know pants want to help and can’t drink to take her mind off of it. Link asks Amelia what she needs and he delivers. Teddy is then asking Tom to have coffee and talk, Tom doesn’t want to see teddy because she broke his heart and put him through misery and Koracick also tests positive for COVID.

Maggie then gets a call from Winston and says she doesn’t know how long she can do it. Most of her patients who have died have been black women so it is personal for Maggie. She never thought that there would be a day when holding your mom’s hand as she died is a privilege and is extremely scared for Meredith.

Richard goes and gives his normal speech to the residents.

Then she is back at the beach able to walk closer to Derek and death. She is grinning ear to ear at seeing her husband but then she trips and falls short staying for her kids. And they heckle each other before he leaves her with a message  “I will be here when you’re ready”

This was a really good episode showing both pain and happiness. 10/10

Next episodes predictions.

I think Meredith will continue to get worse and she will be visited on the beach by Lexie.

I also think that Korasick will be facing a tough battle with COVID as well.