Ten must-watch scary movies to enjoy this season

Mateo Berman-Sample, Staff Writer

Scary movies have always been a tradition of the Halloween season. And with all current movies being delayed due to COVID-19, no new Halloween movies are coming out this season. Due to social distancing, trick-or-treating is risky in terms of staying safe. Thus, here are ten must-watch spooky movies to watch that fit the Halloween season.

1. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Poster for Trick ‘r Treat (Amazon.com)

Trick ‘r Treat (2007) is an anthology movie that has many different storylines and characters. The film does a great job having multiple stories, but still making it understandable to the viewer. The standout of the film is that it manages to tie all of the stories together at the end. It is scary, funny, intriguing, and the lore of this film is sure to interest many horror buffs.

2. It (2017)

Poster for It (Amazon.com)

It (2017) is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. This is a modern horror classic in every sense of the word. In It, a shapeshifting being from outer space takes the form of a clown and terrorizes a group of kids that have named themselves the “losers club.” This is a movie about growing up and overcoming fear. It is scary, heartfelt, extremely funny, and has some of the most intense performances from young actors that I have ever seen.

3. Child’s Play (1988)

Poster for Child’s Play (imdb)

Child’s Play (1988) is a must-watch for any horror buff. In this movie, a little kid is gifted a doll for his birthday. Once the doll enters the household, suspicious murders start to occur. It is interesting to watch as this little kid has to face a killer doll by himself. The acting is superb and the scares are effective. This is the movie I hear people say they have the most nightmares about by far.

4. A Quiet Place (2018)

Poster for A Quiet Place

Blood and jump scares don’t always equal a good horror movie, such as is the case for A Quiet Place. Written and directed by John Krasinski, this movie is more about the atmosphere than scares. The movie takes place during the apocalypse with sound hunting monsters. The characters have to survive without making a sound. The film does an absolutely amazing job of setting the ominous tone right from the very beginning. This Oscar-nominated movie has a lot of new ideas to offer to the horror genre.

5. Hush (2016)

Movie poster (Wikipedia)

Hush (2016) centers around a deaf and mute single lady who is terrorized by a murderous stalker. The movie is tense, suspenseful, and at times frightening. The sound design in Hush is well done and there are some skin-crawling shots. This film scares the viewer more with a creepy atmosphere than with typical blood and gore.

6. Get Out (2017)

Poster for Get Out (imdb)

Get Out (2017) is a sharp movie that has a lot to say about society and systemic racism. It is best watched without any prior knowledge about the plot. When a black guy visits his white girlfriend’s house things go awry. He thus has to get out as soon as possible. This Oscar-winning film is extremely intelligent and bold. It is a must-watch if you have opinions on modern racism.

7. Brightburn (2019)

Poster for Brightburn (imdb)

Brightburn (2019) is a new and interesting take on the story of Superman. It centers around “Superman” when he is 12 years old. He comes to earth as a baby and has always had a secret. Once that secret takes control of his mind he turns into an unstoppable killer. This is a frightening take on the superhero genre and a great mix of horror and fantasy.

8. Scream (1996)

Poster for Scream (imdb)

Scream (1996) is by far one of the most fun horror movies out there. This is a self-aware movie that acknowledges all of the overused tropes of the horror genre and promptly makes fun of them. This is a smart, funny, slick, and hip movie. It revolves around a killer stalking and killing a group of teenagers. They have to survive as he picks them off one by one. This film is definitely worth checking out if you like a film that has something to say about the horror genre.

9. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Poster for The Blair Witch Project (Amazon.com)

The Blair Witch Project (1999) is by far the most frightening movie I have ever seen. This movie is about a group of film students that get lost in the woods. When strange things start to happen, they get scared and try to leave, only to get lost. What makes this movie frightening is the fact that it is a found footage movie. The acting is amazing and the suspense is terrifying.

10. The Invisible Man (2020)

Poster for The Invisible Man (Wikipedia)

The Invisible Man (2020) centers around a woman that is being tormented by her ex-husband. Thought to be dead, her husband has found a way to become invisible. She has to find a way to stop him before he hurts those around her. This movie scares you by not showing you much. It torments the viewer by having a silent atmosphere with great suspense scenes but occasionally having bold scares. This is a great movie to enjoy if you’re looking for a good thrill this season.