Hamilton does not throw away its shot



Hamilton at Richard Rodgers theater

Mateo Berman-Sample, Staff Writer

With theaters being a risk for safety, people have turned to streaming services like Netflix for movies and TV. Luckily, Disney swooped in and delivered a crowd-pleasing play. Hamilton is the hit broadway sensation that took the world by storm when it first debuted in 2015. Disney filmed the stage show and released it on their streaming service Disney+. The play was the hottest ticket on Broadway for a while and ticket prices were through the roof.

The story follows Alexander Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda) as he struggles with his fellow founding fathers to separate the Thirteen Colonies from Britain and overthrow King George III (Jonathan Groff). The story is interesting on its own but the way it’s performed makes it way more entertaining. Dance is integrated into the plot in a way that doesn’t make it feel rushed or crowded. The acting is great and convincing.

Also, Hamilton is shot in a way that makes the best seat your living room couch. The camera work is outstanding.  If a character is singing, the camera focuses on him or her and it never gets confusing or annoying.

The performances in the play are outstanding, and the singing is perfect. Hamilton‘s music is a mix of rap, hip-hop, R&B, and traditional Broadway music. All the actors and actresses put in the work for the entire play and it is a significantly good part of their performance. The dance choreography is at times intense and upbeat, and at other times soft and rhythmic. The vocal and physical performances are a standout part of the play.

The only flaw of the play is that sometimes the audience clapping interrupts the last few seconds of some songs.

Overall, Hamilton is a fantastic musical for the whole family to enjoy. This production will satisfy any hardcore or casual fan of theater. I was beyond happy after watching this and I would recommend this to anyone craving a good, soulful musical.