Annual town meeting allocates money to town departments

Anushka Patil, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, June 20, the Westford legislative government held its annual town meeting on the Trustees’ Field at Westford Academy, discussing specifically the balance of the budget.

On the field, seats were arranged so the Westford community could attend the event while still adhering to the Massachusetts’ safety There were areas for residents to register to vote, get complimentary water bottles, and sit under shaded tents. Residents attended the meeting and voiced their opinions on each of the eighteen articles.

The meeting started off by addressing the recent national issues regarding racism and xenophobia. Select Board Chair Andrea Peraner-Sweet made a statement on behalf of members of the Westford government, law enforcement, and education department.

The articles for the town meeting touch upon budget concerns. (provided by Westford Government)

Of all the articles, the only article that didn’t completely pass was article five. The second motion of article five addressed the appropriation of $1,344,152 to construct new amenities at Westford Academy. However, despite being recommended by the Westford Community Preservation Committee, voters believed that building new recreational resources at Westford Academy is unnecessary.

After voting, a count was held to make sure two-thirds of the voters were in favor of the second motion of article five. The count ended up with 62% of the votes for the construction of new amenities and 38% not in favor.

At the end of the meeting, Superintendent Bill Olsen presented the Gordon B. Seavey Award to resident Nancy Cook. The award, inspired by a local former journalists, commends community members for their involvement and passion for their town. He remarked that the kindness and empathy she showed while organizing funds and support for Robinson Elementary School principal Kevin Lacoste were ‘outstanding’.

For a list of the articles passed and their specific motions, visit this document: