Sreekanth takes on UMass Amherst

WA senior, Paru Sreekanth

Provided by Paru Sreekanth

WA senior, Paru Sreekanth

Sophia Keang, Staff Writer

Many students have had a phase in their lives in which they wanted to become a doctor– a job that requires commitment, compassion, and a strong work ethic. However, this wasn’t just a phase for WA senior, Paru Sreekanth. She will be continuing her love for medicine at UMass Amherst studying biology (pre-med track).

However, due to COVID19, some individuals were worried about joining the medical field, as there are many risks that come with it. Yet, Sreekanth is still  excited to pursue something she is truly passionate about.

“Especially in times like these, it can be scary to be entering a career in medicine knowing that something like a global pandemic can occur, but I want to be able to help the community and it has always been a dream of mine and I am up for the challenge,” Sreekanth said.

Since her childhood, Sreekanth has always been fascinated by science, medicine in particular. She would constantly ask her pediatrician questions about her job. 

“I’d ask her basic questions like, ‘why she enjoyed her job’, ‘what made you want to become a doctor’ and so forth,” Sreekanth said.

Sreekanth has shown a commitment to both children in the community and medicine by dedicating her time to the WA Ghost and Goblins club and volunteering at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Emerson Hospital. 

WA’s Ghost and Goblins is also where Sreekanth continued to find her love for children and helping her community.

She would spend a day per week hanging out with the kids in Ghost and Goblins, and about four hours every sunday volunteering at hospitals.

“At Emerson, I’m constantly around the different departments because I typically do transport,” Sreekanth said.

As well as volunteering after school, Sreekanth has also been interning at an ovarian cancer research lab for the past two summers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Combined with Sreekanth’s innate passion, it was opportunities such as these that propelled her to ultimately pursue the medical field in a time like this.  

“These kinds of opportunities have helped me to explore the more laboratory side of the medical field. I’ve always loved the idea of medicine and helping the community in a way where people can depend on me,” Sreekanth said.