Ella Krikorian pursues career in nursing with lessons from the pool

Senior Ella Krikorian smiles for a photo, chin propped above her clasped hands.

Provided by Ella Krikorian

Senior Ella Krikorian smiles for a photo, chin propped above her clasped hands.

Melanie Duronio, Staff Writer

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, working in the medical field has taken on a whole new light, especially for those choosing it as their career path.  Inspired by a long line of nurses in her family, senior Ella Krikorian has chosen to follow in their footsteps, aided by the skills she’s acquired throughout her many years of swimming.

By committing to Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, Krikorian is given the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse while still continuing to swim, allowing her to balance her love between the medical field and athletics equally.

Nursing has remained a constant influence throughout Krikorian’s life, as her mother, aunt, and grandmother have all worked as nurses.  This exposure that Krikorian was given throughout her childhood made her seriously consider working in the medical field as an adult, and gave her opportunities for job shadows in hospitals.

“Growing up around [my family] made me realize how great it is to help people and how rewarding the experience is.  It made me realize that I wanted to do something along the lines of a healthcare occupation,” Krikorian said.

With COVID-19 becoming a consistent threat throughout the world, doctors and nurses are crucial to battling the disease and are needed now more than ever.  Krikorian feels as though the virus has only strengthened her dedication to nursing and her certainty in her major.      

“There’s so much that I want to do to help people right now during this whole pandemic […] If anything, coronavirus has made me more passionate about [the career] I’m going into,” Krikorian said.

In addition to its nursing program, Krikorian’s commitment to Sacred Heart University was influenced by its Division I swim team, which will allow her to continue swimming while simultaneously pursuing her passion.  Krikorian can’t imagine leaving the sport behind, with all of the good memories she has made with her teammates over the years.

Krikorian also expresses gratitude for both her future and former coaches, who have continuously helped her with the college application process throughout her senior year.  She is excited to begin college under their guidance and meet the fifteen other girls that make up Sacred Heart’s swim team. 

“I already have fifteen new friends that I can look forward to meeting in the fall,” Krikorian said.

Krikorian has been swimming since she was seven.  Once she reached the fifth grade, Krikorian joined a local swim team where she began to officially compete and see the sport as more than just a hobby.  When she entered Westford Academy, Krikorian joined the Varsity Girls’ Swim Team, where she continued to grow as a swimmer.

Since her freshman year of high school, Krikorian has formed strong bonds with both her underclassmen and upperclassmen teammates.  Her experiences over the years have taught her the value of communication and hard work, which have helped her connect with incoming members over the years. 

When Krikorian was appointed as a co-captain during her senior year, she continued to use those lessons to further her abilities as a leader. 

“The whole team aspect [of swimming] really motivated me to do my best […] When you’re a part of a team you can’t just focus on yourself; Instead, you must always be thinking of the whole team […] It was also really fun getting to know all of the underclassmen and showing them the ropes,” Krikorian said. 

Krikorian has also used her newfound leadership skills to extend help to those outside of school, participating in community services such as food drives, soup kitchens, and summer trips with the missionaries at her church.  Most notably, Krikorian once spent a week in Haiti building cabins for those in need.

“[The trip to Haiti] really was the best week of my life.  It was so rewarding to meet everyone and see how happy they are. [Haiti] really is an amazing country, and this is definitely a cause that I’m going to stay involved in throughout my life,” Krikorian said. 

Krikorian encourages those with a passion for the medical field to pursue that interest, as well as find opportunities to explore any resources available to them, as she did by job-shadowing family members. 

Although obtaining a career in the medical field can take time, Krikorian believes that it is worth the effort, as we’re reminded every day with the COVID-19 crisis.

“[Choosing the medical field] is not an easy major or education process, but it’s a really rewarding career path.  I think that the world always needs more nurses,” Krikorian said.