Softball season cancelled due to the coronavirus

The softball season has been postponed indefinitely due to Corona.

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The softball season has been postponed indefinitely due to Corona.

Molly Smith, Staff writer

With the shutting down of schools for the rest of the year, spring athletes are left without their spring seasons, the last opportunity for seniors to play before college.

This is the case for senior Maeve Proulx, a captain for this spring’s softball season. Proulx has put countless years of practice into her sport and was excited about her senior season.

Proulx was looking forward to all the amazing things the spring has to offer for seniors.

“Senior year is sort of a ‘rewarding’ year. So much fun stuff is planned for you. Now that we can’t play the other seniors and I won’t even get our senior night, the night where they get to have their special moments and be recognized for what they’ve done within their sport is really sad,” Proulx said.

Furthermore, Proulx knows that all grade-levels are disappointed that their spring seasons are being taken. She points out that it is especially hard on the seniors because they have put so much time into their sport so that they can have the opportunity to be a captain and now they will not be able to step on the field one last time.

“It felt like all the time, effort, and hard work was ripped away from me and everyone else who was excited for their spring seasons,” Proulx said.

Although Proulx knows that this is no one’s fault and that these are the steps that must be taken so people can remain safe, it does not make this situation easier for her and countless other seniors in the same position.¬†She was very optimistic towards this season because many returning players were coming back and the freshman coming in were a very talented group.

Proulx knows that this is difficult for everyone and hopes that this will not impact younger teammates and their desire and motivation to play in the future.

“You should give your all every game because you never know when it may be your last one either forever or just for a while,” Proulx said.