Outback serves to customers during Corona

Morgan Smith, Staff Writer

With the spread of COVID-19, dining at restaurants is not permissible. However, Outback Steakhouse, like many other local restaurants, is now providing different strategies, such as take-out and delivery to still enjoy their food.

The first step in the new process is going online and placing your order. It was very straight forward, similar to online shopping: choose your category, like steak or chicken, and then pick your sides. Then, there was a section at the bottom where you could type to state how you wanted your food to be cooked: medium, medium-rare, etc. There was also a comment section if your food needed to be made in a specific way or if you have allergies. You would also decide what time you would pick up your food. Delivery was an option as well. This step was simple and took about five minutes.

When arriving at Outback, there were signs posted up to show the drivers where to go. It was set up similar to a drive-through, but at the entrance of the restaurant, you would park and wait for restaurant employees to bring your food out. While ordering, you told them the type of your car so no talking needed to be done. Also orders were already paid for online. This made for no communication necessary with employees, or anyone else.

We arrived five minutes early and the food was not finished until the time specified. We did not have to be in contact with the employees as they wore gloves and carried our food in bags before placing it outside our door to the car. No interaction was needed and we got the food into the car without any issues.

The food tasted very good and very similar to the normal Outback dinner. They gave us plenty of bread and butter, and the dinner was very neat and organized. All the meals were in to-go boxes and separated from one another. The sides were boxes separate from the entrees. I had the “Grilled Chicken on the Barbie” with mashed potatoes and enjoyed. Even with the drive home from the restaurant, the food was still warm and enjoyable.

Overall, I felt satisfied with my trip to Outback Steakhouse and would give it a 9/10, just because eating at home takes away from the experience of going out to eat, but the meal was still excellent.