WA Boys’ Hockey advances to semi finals after win against Waltham


Steve Kapatanakis

WA Boys’ Hockey team celebrates their win against Waltham.

Sophia Keang, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 29, WA Boys’ Varsity hockey team won  in double overtime 3-2 against Waltham at the Chelmsford Forum. 

WA senior captain Jason Bunyon scored the first goal within 45 seconds of the game.

Just after 7 minutes of making the first goal, WA made another goal, ended with the first period with a lead of 2-0. 

During the second period, Waltham became much more aggressive, determined to get on the scoreboard. With only around 5 minutes left Waltham senior, Dylan Fogg scored, ending the second period with a score of 2-1.

No one scored in the first 10 minutes of the third period, but Waltham’s aggression throughout the second and third periods tied up the score 2-2 within the last 2 minutes of the period. WA goalie Christian Guglielmo blocked several  close goals near the post and corner of the goal line. By the end of the third quarter, the score still remained 2-2.

Due to a tie in the game, the two teams had to play in an overtime period for eight minutes. The first team that scored a goal would win the game and qualify for semi finals. None of the teams scored in the overtime and the teams had to play a 3 on 3. 

WA senior captains Kyle Wizst, Bunyon, and Kevin Egan played on the ice along with Guglielmo. As the crowd stood to watch the last couple of minutes of what could have been the end of WA’s season, WA managed to score on Waltham goalie only 2 minutes into second overtime, ultimately leading to WA’s victory 3-2 against Waltham.

WA thus qualified for the semi-finals; the next game will be held at the Tsongas Arena on March 5 against St. John’s.