Ultimate flies to WA

Player dives for the disc in an Ultimate game.

J Breezy Sr

Player dives for the disc in an Ultimate game.

Molly Smith, Staff Writer

Ultimate is coming back to WA as a team sport in the spring of 2020. This will offer students a fun alternative to the stereotypical spring sports such as baseball and lacrosse.

WA’s Ultimate team will be co-captained by seniors Collin Pickersgill and Mike Reeve. The team will consist of 16 roster spots, but practices will be open to anyone who wants to be involved.

The team will hold several practices and will have scheduled games with schools around the area and in the DCL. The team will also be signing up for various tournaments throughout the season including a state tournament at the end of May, in which they will compete against teams from all across New England.

The captains, along with a few other members of the team, have previous experience in the game of Ultimate and are looking to be more involved as leaders this coming season. They ultimately want to give everyone a chance to discover this game and grow it in Westford and beyond.

“After a fun and successful season last year, Mike and I wanted to help expand this program to be something students are excited about each year,” Pickersgill said.

Pickersgill plans to run the Ultimate team a lot like other sports incorporating drills and scrimmages into each practice. This will help to benefit the newer players into learning about the game and the flow of it, and will help all players improve and prepare for future games.

Pickersgill also added that the community is very positive and sportsmanship is a top priority in the game. Ultimate uses a system called “spirit of the game rules” this allows players the ability to call their own fouls incorporating honest and integrity.

Pickersgill and his teammates have high hopes for this season coming off a strong season last year.

“Our biggest goal is to win our division at the end of the state competition, while along the way we hope to have a strong season while enjoying the game,” Pickersgill said.

Pickersgill is optimistic about where he believes this team could be headed for this year and in the future of the sport at WA.

“I’m just really excited to get playing some games and playing with a team that I think can be highly successful this season,” Pickersgill said.

Tryouts will be held next week March 9 and 11 at the Stony Brook upper fields.