Boys’ Varsity Hockey defeats Lowell Catholic

WA competing against Lowell Catholic.

Hannah Thomas

WA competing against Lowell Catholic.

Hannah Thomas, Business Editor

On Saturday, February 15, WA Boys’ Varsity hockey won 5-0, against Lowell-Catholic.

WA was the first team to score. With 14 minutes and 24 seconds left on the buzzer, the crowd cheered after a goal was scored.

The second period started with a goal by junior Nate Brown, who made the shot in less than five minutes into the period.

WA then made another goal quickly after making the score 4-0. No one made another goal for the rest of the second period.

Senior Dylan Breen made the last goal of the period, giving WA a 5-0 lead.

The team had a short time to prepare before they started the final period of the game. In last period, neither team scored, but, throughout the period, many WA players were pushed and hit multiple times by Lowell Catholic.

The next game for WA will be in the MIAA State Tournament.