Underclassmen should be able to park in the lot with a parking pass


Penny Joyce

Student’s car’s parking in the parking lot.

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

One of the best things about being a senior at Westford Academy is the ability to drive to school. Seniors purchase their parking passes for $50 at the beginning of the year and once they give their license plate info and physical license to guidance, that student can drive to school.  Though seniors buy the pass for $50, some opt to sell their parking pass to underclassmen for a whole lot more than $50.

Seniors will sell their passes to anyone who offers the most money. I’ve heard about students selling their passes for up to $400. What perplexes me even more is that I’ve heard seniors complain about underclassmen, specifically, juniors, who are parking in their lot. First of all, the parking lot isn’t owned by the senior class. Anyone who has an official WA parking pass in their car has a right to park in the lot. Many have brought up the issue of not having enough space in the parking lot for all of the students. I think the real problem is that seniors think they own the parking lot and it should only be open for seniors to park there.

However I do understand that the parking lot is something that symbolizes a certain privilege for seniors.  In some ways it symbolizes the freedom of being able to drive themselves to school. it also shares a sense of independence and not having to rely on a parent or a bus every morning. Juniors also should be able to have this sense of independence, too. Though it may seem like the lot should be for seniors only, anyone can really park there if they have a pass.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter who parks in the senior lot if they have a parking pass. Yes, the parking lot has earned itself the unofficial title of being called ‘the senior lot’, but many juniors have their licenses too and should be allowed to park there as well.