WA Girls Hockey Celebrates seniors and defeats AB


Elena Gibbons

Westford player skates with the puck.

Morgan Smith, Staff Writer

On February 1, Westford Academy Girls’ Hockey defeated Acton-Boxboro at the Groton School with a score of 6-4. Students, fans, and parents filled the stands to watch the very close game. 

In addition to the game, the team celebrated Senior Day for the five seniors, Allie Dean, Lexi Warner, Jennifer McLaughlin, Sam Musante, and Erika Ware. Posters and balloons were spread across the arena to celebrate their commitment to the team. WA’s band was there as well cheering on the team and advancing the excitement across the stands and the ice.

The game itself started out fast with Musante winning possession of the puck in the first face-off. WA pressed AB to their side of the rink, getting off a few shots before AB stole the puck. With 13 minutes left in the first period a penalty was called on sophomore Arielle Villandry for high sticking. Shortly after, junior Val Crory scored WA’s first goal with an assist from junior Meghan Mulhern. The pair worked together in unison successfully throughout the game. Seconds after, an AB player fired a slap shot from a lengthy distance and scored on Dean, the goalie. However, she was able to recover nicely with several saves throughout the rest of the period.

With 6 minutes remaining in the period, sophomore Kendall Donovan got a penalty for body checking and was in the penalty box for the next two minutes, leaving her team down a player. AB fired back with aggressive actions on Dean; an AB player skated into her, where her teammates then protected her. Overall, the players were rough. Not long after, AB’s Caroline Justicz suffered a fall and was escorted off the ice after receiving help. As this happened her teammates and opponents knelt down. The period ended with sophomore Brittany Iversen and Mulhern assisting junior Maddie Hunt’s shot. This goal resulted in WA taking the lead as the teams exited the ice.

Starting the second period, junior Kate Johnson, scored a goal with a wrist shot. She was unassisted and made a very good stickhandling to leading up to her shot. AB followed this up with a couple breakaways, but Dean was able to stop them all. Iversen scored her first goal shortly after. She was supported by freshmen Kylie Beers and Anna Weaver. With five minutes left in the period, AB managed another goal. Westford rebounded nicely when Iversen scored her second, this time unassisted. The period ended with a hooking penalty on McLaughlin, and a slapshot attempt by AB. Dean saved the shot and by the end of the period, WA led 5-2.

Beginning the third period, AB’s Kubi Issah fired a quick goal. AB’s offense proved to be strong when several breakaways finally resulted in a goal making the score now 5-4, WA still in the lead. WA proved strong with solid shots fired off, AB’s goalie, Claire Bukowski, denied them all. With three minutes left in the game, Crory, scored. She was assisted by Mulhern, who proceeded to play strong defense. This power move clinched the win for the team with a final score of 6-4.

Westford Academy girls hockey now stands 5-5-4 and they will play Haverhill next on 6 February at 7:00 PM at the Groton School.