WA Girls’ Basketball triumph over LS marks Coach Coward’s 200th career win

On Friday, January 10, WA Girls’ Varsity Basketball won against Lincoln-Sudbury with a final score of 40-23. The first half of the game, WA played poorly but after half-time, they picked up their offense, and came out victorious. Along with their victory, Coach Coward’s 200th career win was also celebrated.

The game started poorly on WA’s part because of their severe lack of initiative. WA trailed behind LS through a few points gained from free-throws.

“We had a really slow start. We couldn’t shoot offensively,” said sophomore Carly Davey.

WA lacked in defense giving LS many easy points. LS’s aggressive playing didn’t match WA’s low energy during this quarter. With WA starting the game off poorly, it seemed likely LS would be the winners. The quarter came to an end with the score being 2-7.

The second quarter similarly lacked on WA’s side. LS kept pushing and continuously made multiple baskets while WA struggled to keep up. Like the first quarter, WA made use of free-throws to increase their score, but overall, that didn’t help too much. At the end of the quarter, one of Lincoln-Sudbury’s key players, who during the first and second quarter made many notable three-pointers, unfortunately, rolled her ankle and was rushed off of the court. The quarter came to an end with a score of 7-14.

The third quarter was the turning point of the game. After half-time, the girls entered the court more confidently.  The period started with LS scoring a few points, but after a three-pointer by sophomore Kayley Carignan, WA’s offense picked up significantly.

“Our captain Ellie Nolan gave us a good speech at half-time. We all got pumped up and came out ready to play,” said Davey.

Next, Davey made a notable three-pointer and soon WA was tied 21-21 with LS after a free-throw made by junior and co-captain Ellie Nolan. The quarter ended with a score of 24-21, with WA finally in the lead.

“We started poorly in the third quarter, but once they got their first shot, the girls started believing in themselves,” said Coward.

WA’s sudden improvement in their offense and defense allowed them to increase the score gap in the fourth quarter. Just a few seconds into the period, LS’s foul gave WA a free-throw. Followed by this, Nolan made a three-pointer bringing the score to 29-21. Throughout this quarter, several baskets, especially three-pointers made by WA players, increased the gap significantly making it tough for LS to catch up.  The quarter ended with a two-pointer made by Davey and WA won the game 40-23.

After the nerve-wracking first half, WA managed to pull through with confidence in the second half securing a win. After the game ended, Coward celebrated his 200th career win with his team.