Students sell many goods at Holiday Bazaar


Srinithi Raj

Keychains hanging in the cafeteria

Hannah Thomas, Business Editor

Orchestrated by the Student Council, the Holiday Bazaar took place Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM. Many people were talking to their friends and family while walking around the various selections of items for sale, many of them ranging from shirts, stickers, and Christmas trees.

At the entrance of the Holiday Bazaar, the entry fee was $2 per person, but people were perusing the hall to see what others were selling. There were sports items, wind chimes, and festive door signs. In the background, the WA band was playing holiday songs.

The gym was the main place, where most of the vendors were. There was an array of age groups selling and others talking to their friends and family. Some stands sold hats and knitted items, while others made shell resin necklaces. 

Sophomore Nora Tripp sold resin shell necklaces and resin coin necklaces. She had sold more than twenty necklaces and gained more than seventy dollars. Tripp was proud making the necklaces since it brought her money and she enjoyed making them.

“I have made more than seventy dollars from it which was useful. I am happy that I could make money on something that I like to do,” said Tripp.

In front of the cafeteria, the WA chorus sang some music pieces with parents and other spectators who listened to them. In the cafeteria, there were many delicious foods from the language departments. The Latin Club had handmade jewelry and desserts like chocolate Oreo truffles. The Asian Culture Club made dumplings and egg rolls, and the German Club sold gummy bears. Besides the food, there were people who sold soaps and fragrances, popcorn and fudge, and earrings and bracelets.