Brooke Ditcham signs to Davidson College


Steve Kapetanakis

Senior Brooke Ditcham dribbles the ball past the other team’s defender

Molly Smith, Staff Writer

Brooke Ditcham has just finished up her fourth season as a member of the girls’ varsity soccer team. For her senior season, she accumulated eight goals and eighteen assists, well above average. She was also awarded All-New England, All-State, Mass 1st Team (second year in a row), and, for the third consecutive time, DCL 1st Team All-Star.

Next fall she will head to North Carolina in order to take her skills on the field and in the classroom to Davidson College.

Ditcham was inspired from her older sister to start playing soccer. She started playing at age three and soon fell in love with the sport, graduating from town soccer to club at the age of eight. She has been playing for FC stars ever since.

 “She has been one of the best center-mids I’ve had the pleasure of coaching,” WAGS coach Katie Andjus said.

Andjus credits Ditcham for knowing all aspects of the game; because of this, Ditcham has been able to lead the Dual County League (DCL) in assists over the last two years.

“She will take multiple girls on the dribble to the goal,” Andjus said.

Ditcham knows how to play on the offensive side of the ball and is aware of what everyone on the field is doing.

“She’s very well rounded on the field she scores goals takes corner kicks takes direct kicks and isn’t afraid to defend some of the best players on the other team,” Andjus said.

Besides soccer, Ditcham plans on majoring in biology. She is hoping to go into the world of medicine and potentially minor in Spanish. She has loved science for a while, and also enjoys helping people. This is why she would like to go into the medical field in the future.

Ditcham has been verbally committed to Davidson since the spring of her junior year and although this is normally a stressful time for student-athletes, Ditcham said that having first-hand experience from her sister helped to alleviate some of the stress. Thankfully she was able to find the perfect fit for herself at Davidson, a division I school that puts just as much emphasis on academics as athletics. It also has a small student body that will create a feeling of unity among the student body.

“I fell in love because it’s a beautiful campus and the coach and team were so welcoming and kind to each other,” Ditcham said.

Ditcham has visited her new home twice and has interacted with the team. She has loved every minute of it. She has also been able to communicate with the commits from her year. Ditcham is determined to help all of her teammates to reach their own potential.

“Besides Brooke’s amazing soccer talent she has also been a great leader and amazing young woman to coach.” Andjus said about Ditcham off the field.

Ditcham has also been given high praise by her teammates, many of whom look up to her.

“Brooke has really shown me what excellence and high achievement gives you, so that I can strive for that in the next two years,” teammate Grace Carroll said.

Ditcham has worked incredibly hard for her dream and has also learned a lot from her experiences. She has learned about discipline and dedication occasionally having to sacrifice something so she could work on her future. 

She also credits her teammates, knowing that without working as a team, her individual goals and team goals could not have been accomplished. She is thankful she has been able to play a sport that she loves with the people she loves.

“I could not be more excited about becoming part of a new family at Davidson and continuing my academic and soccer career at the best-suited college for me,” Ditcham said.

Andjus, along with many of her teammates and friends will miss Ditcham, but they are all excited to see what she has in store.

“She is an amazing young woman who will be missed by WAGS next year, but I know she will be very successful in college,” Andjus said.