Gene’s Chinese Flatbread is flat


Hannah Thomas, Business Editor

On a Sunday night, the Ghostwriter had the opportunity to eat at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Restaurant which is an authentic Chinese restaurant on Littleton Road.

I looked at the menu online and noticed that they only have small selections of food to choose from, many of which aren’t vegetarian. The dishes were either pork or lamb, and only three are vegetarian.

Over the phone, they assign an order number that would be used when picking up the food. It was confusing since many other places take orders by name. We had to pay $31.30 in cash instead of a card since they don’t accept any other form of payment. This can be difficult since having cash on hand can be inconvenient.

The first dish was Hand-Pulled Noodles which is vegetarian safe if you request it. The noodles had a flat shape to them and were long and chewy. The chili oil was evenly distributed on the noodles, but the oil didn’t make the noodles spicy. The dish had an overwhelming garlic flavor to it, which was a negative note about the dish.

One of the orders was Lamb Noodle Soup. It had black mushrooms and slices of lamb in the broth. The broth had some Chinese herbs and had a brown and green color. The flavor of the broth complemented the lamb well. The food wasn’t spicy as per our request, and it was delicious to have. The soup also had a side container of thin white store-bought noodles.

The House Noodle Soup had few carrots, potatoes, and beans, with small pieces of lamb. The broth had a yellow color to it and it had a sharp and an acquired taste so not all people would like it. The lamb was tougher than the other lamb in the Lamb Noodle Soup and the soup came with the hand-pulled noodles on the side.

The Pork Flatbread Sandwich was the last dish and had an option of lamb instead. The pork was well cooked with a nice balance of spices and savory to it without it being too much. The bread was soft and thin with a plain taste to it, and helped bring the flavor of the lamb out.

I would give this restaurant a three out of five stars. Firstly, the price of the food was reasonable because we ordered four dishes for a total of $31.30. Secondly, the food was good since it had a decent amount of flavoring, but some of the foods weren’t the best compared to other dishes. Also, only paying in cash and having an order number as opposed to a name was confusing. Lastly, they don’t make many vegetarian dishes there, which can inconvenience some customers. I recommend this restaurant to others who want to try something new without paying an unreasonable amount.