Girls’ Field Hockey won the last game of the season against CC


Delia Conway trying to take the ball away.

Hannah Thomas, Business Editor

On Saturday, October 26, Westford Academy  WA Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey won their last game of the season against Concord Carlisle with the score of 1 to 0. Many people were cheering for each team enthusiastically.

In the first half, both teams lined up facing each other while the crowd was cheering. They started the game with Concord taking possession of the ball. 

Senior Madeline Laliberte tackled the ball from Concord many times. Both teams continued to pass the ball and dribble the ball.

After the first half was over, both teams hadn’t scored any points, but the audience encouraged them with motivating words.

During the break, they practiced passing the ball to each other and scoring. Each of the players had more spirit and continued to play after the time was up. They went back to the field and started the second round.

When they had 15 minutes left Concord Carlisle called a time out to discuss. When the two minutes were over, they went back to continue the game.

Concord hit the ball towards the net but the goalie blocked it from going in.

With only 44 seconds left of the second half, WA made a goal which made the final score 1-0. They ended on a positive note for last game of the season. They struggled in the first half by not getting a point, but had a great second half. They lost some games but they won many others this season.