SpongeBob the Musical hits Boston


Amelia Neal

Cast of Spongebob the Musical performing on Broadway.

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Certainly not SpongeBob, for he has taken the stage at the Wang Theater in Boston MA. Seeing this show in the headlines for multiple weeks, I was quite curious. So, tickets were purchased and on October 20th, I sat down in my seat awaiting a yellow square and his underwater friends to entertain me for 112 minutes.

The lights dimmed and the production began. Immediately bright, colorful lights and effects filled the theater. Sea creatures from Bikini Bottom flooded the stage. Suddenly, the crowd began to applaud when Spongebob, himself, appeared on stage.

Soon after Spongebob, more well-known characters such as Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, and Squidward Tentacles joined the show. Kids all around me danced in their seats, and some even sang along to the opening act. Since the animated TV show’s comedy and purpose is aimed toward kids, I was surprised to find myself laughing along at some of the lines of the characters.

The plot of the musical was very well laid out, and it had a consistent flow from the conflict to the resolution. The actors on stage were phenomenal and you could tell that they really worked hard on the production. One thing that I thought was interesting, was the creativity behind the props. For example, in one scene someone was climbing up a mountain, only the actor was climbing a bunch of ladders placed near each other. The actor would weave in and out of them, and overall, I was impressed with the idea of using ladders to create a mountain.

Spongebob viewers know that Plankton is the villain of the show. However, even if he serves as the antagonist, he was probably one of my favorite parts, making me love everything about him. My favorite song that was sung, was by him. It was a rap, the only rap in the show, and it is something I will never forget. The other songs are what you’d expect from a musical with the same type of beat and message. Plankton’s song really stuck with me. I thought it was brilliant to give the villain a rap song.

Overall, I would give the show an 8/10. The effects and lighting were cleverly designed and really added to the show. The music and dances were also things that were very well done. Finally, I must applaud was in charge of the props and set design. I have never been so impressed by a set. I absolutely loved it and the show itself.

Spongebob the Musical is set to stay in Boston until October 27th. After the show’s final performance in Boston, it will continue to Peoria, IL. This musical is funny, creative, and a brilliant piece of work overall, definitely not one to miss.