Girls’ Varsity Volleyball wins on senior night

Amelia Neal and Penny Joyce

On Thursday on October 17, WA’s Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team scored a win against Cambridge on their senior night in the WA main gym.

Each senior was given a rose from their coach and had their picture taken with their parents. After applauding each senior, WA turned their game faces on for the game.

The first set began with senior captain Skyler Anderson scoring on her serve. Her teammates rushed to her in celebration for scoring WA a point in the first serve. Soon after, however, Cambridge scored, but their victorious shouts could not compare to the noise level that erupted in the gym when senior captain Lexi Wilson also scored on her serve.

As if scoring once on her serve wasn’t enough, Wilson wowed the crowd and scored on her serve again. WA continued to play their best on the court, scoring two more points in the set. On the court, the players showed an immense amount of teamwork. Through communication with one another, WA knew where to go and what to do. Cambridge managed to steal a point but WA pulled through and scored five times before Cambridge scored again.

The first set ended with WA scoring another three times, ending with a score of 22-10. In the three minutes between the first and second sets, WA prepared to continue to give it their all and work together as a team to take home a win.

During the second and third set, WA seemed to grow more confident by the support the student section was giving. In fact, even the parent section was just as loud as the student section. This set a supportive vibe from the sideline which encouraged WA to continue to do their best.

WA still continued to play their hardest even though it was inevitable that they would take the win. Leaving the court, seniors seemed the most excited about the triumph.

WA is set to have their next game against Tewksbury in the main gym on October 23.