Butterline takes on gap in digital learning position


Melanie Duronio

Marianne Butterline poses for a picture in the school library

Melanie Duronio, Staff Writer

Introducing Marianne Butterline, a former Norman E. Day School teacher who has recently joined the Westford Academy staff.  She will be working as one of its new Digital Learning Specialists.

Q: What led you to working at WA?

A: Last year, there was a significant shortage in the budget, and administration determined that they needed to restructure the DLS position at the elementary level. So I was moved here. 

Q:  How do you like WA so far?

A:  Oh it’s great!  Everyone is so friendly.  I’m starting to find my way around; everyone has been very supportive, very friendly, the kids are great [and the] faculty too.  They’ve really gone out of their way to welcome me and I appreciate that.

Q:  What is a typical day like for you at WA?

A:  Well, since it’s the beginning of the school year, we’ve been doing a lot of support with just making sure the technology is up and running and accessible to faculty and students.  We love working with teachers to integrate technology into lessons.  It’s a lot of making sure things get set up again and are up and running. 

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A:  This is my seventeenth year in Westford and my eighteenth year teaching [overall].  My background is in computer science and I worked in that industry for about eighteen years before switching to teaching.

Q:  What are some similarities and differences between teaching older and younger students?

A:  It’s really wonderful to see the Day School students all grown up.  As of now, I haven’t had a lot of experience in the classrooms.  I’ve been visiting classrooms and getting up to procedures here at WA.  It’s wonderful that the students are so much more technology-savvy; you can take them a lot further [while teaching] because they have the background skills. 

Q:  Did you go to college for computer science?

A:  I graduated from Rutgers with a degree in computer science, and then when I decided I’d like to teach when my son was younger I went to Lesley for my Masters.  Actually, I just finished a second Masters program in moderate disabilities. I’d like to support students who are struggling.

Q:  What inspired you to earn your second Masters?

A:  Helping out at Day School with the language-based classrooms and student support services teachers; technology [can] really help students who have difficulties and certain disabilities.  [It] can really take away barriers.