How to enjoy the last week of summer vacation

A fun end before the hectic school year

Anushka Patil, News Editor

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As the end of summer approaches, the race to fit in as many plans as possible quickens. Finding entertaining activities to take part in is especially hard towards the end of the summer. To assist in your efforts of making plans, these are twelve ideas for fun activities to end the summer of 2019 on a high note.

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  • It may be hard, but the best way to enjoy the last week of summer is by turning off all electronics. Although electronics, especially smartphones, can be comforting, they take up too much of our time. As hard as it is, letting go of our cellular devices for even a day may be the best way to truly rewind and spend more time with the people that matter more to us than the people from social media.

    Marvin Meyer

  • Taking a day trip with friends and family is always a good idea. One idea for a place to visit is a local farm. From July to September, the best fruits to pick fresh are blueberries. While at a local farm, spend time with your family and friends by collecting delicious, ripe blueberries. It is healthy, making it a light-weight activity that keeps you feeling satisfied. A great place to go for blueberry picking is Parlee Farms, located in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. At Parlee Farms, people can not only enjoy picking blueberries but also a handful of other activities such as feeding the lively farm animals and taking part in hayrides.


  • "Mom, there is nothing to eat at home!" This overused statement is one that every single mother is guaranteed to hear at least once a week. Instead of complaining about there not being any food of interest that is available to eat, why not put your hunger to good use by quickly whipping up a dish that will not only satisfy your cravings but give you a feeling of accomplishment. During the summer, a great way to spend time with friends, family, and sometimes even yourself is to stay home and cook or bake. Cooking and baking are delicious ways to create memories with others.

    Suzy Hazelwood

  • Theme parks are a great way to have some last-minute fun before the difficult school year starts. The wide variety of entertaining rides are sure to keep visitors busy throughout the day. With a wide array of activities that stretch from thrill-seeking to mellow, visitors are sure to find something that they enjoy. Aside from the rides and the game booths, theme parks are known to serve American classics, ranging from hot dogs all the way to fried dough. The activities, atmosphere, and foods make theme parks a great place to visit, especially during the summer. **change the wide variety part its redundant

    Scott Webb

  • Are you looking for some serenity before the school year starts? One method of achieving some peace is by hiking. Hiking is a great way to get some physical activity as well as enjoy some quiet. Spending time in nature is a great way to start off the school year because of the calm mindset it can bring a person. Through the many trails and paths, the different views, species, and moments are endless. A great place near Westford, Massachusetts, for hiking is Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. While planning your hiking trip, remember that the best views are always during the sunrise, when the skies are painted with all the different shades of orange.


  • As cheesy as they may seem, picnics are actually a great way to spend time with the people in your life. Picnics allow for people to easily enjoy the fresh air and the company of others. The location does not have to be special or hard to get to, just somewhere where there is green grass, a fresh breeze, and good people. Bring your friends, families, or even just your pets and relish in the simplicity of summer and the good weather it offers because in New England the weather is always changing.

    Britt Gaiser

  • Feeling as though you have had enough of summer? One way to fix that is through minigolf. This low-key sport offers just the right amount of interaction and competition to instantly cheer anyone up. Each hole is unique, making every single round interesting. Locally, a great mini golf destination is Kimball Farms. The facility offers minigolf, ice cream, arcade games, batting cages, and many other activities to fill the day with never-ending fun.


  • During the summer, especially towards the end, days seem as if they are longer. One solution when you are feeling terribly bored is bowling. Bowling is a great activity for families and friends due to its ability to get everyone's energy and competitiveness flowing. Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, is a great location for a little late night fun. The large facility offers good food, arcade games, bowling alleys, and constant fun.

    Benjamin Faust

  • Boston, Massachusetts, offers countless eateries, shopping destinations, and streets to enjoy that will keep visitors busy all day. Notable places to visit in Boston are the North End, the Back Bay, the Seaport District, the Freedom Trail, and Faneuil Hall. From the Georgian style architecture of the streets to the grassy, green parks, even Massachusetts residents will discover new places to visit each time they take a trip to Boston.


  • Outdoor movies are a perfect way to enjoy summer's nighttime weather. During the day, temperatures are scorching, making the cool summer nights the perfect time to get some fresh air. What better way to enjoy the weather than to snuggle up with blankets, eat buckets of popcorn, and enjoy a movie with friends and family. Take a trip to a drive-in movie theater or set up a movie at home using a projector and a flat surface, either way you are bound to have fun.

    Quarck Studio

  • Stargazing is an underrated way of enjoying a clear, starry night. With millions of stars scattered through the sky as well as meteors and planets, stargazing can be an effortlessly interesting way to learn a few things about our solar system. Find a comfortable spot and look up to find a myriad of glowing stars that have the ability to drop even the toughest person's mouth. Go the extra mile and bring out a telescope and a constellation book to help you vividly see the beauties of outer space.


  • Summer is not summer without at least one beach trip. Going to the beach during summer is one of the best ways to enjoy something you can only get during the sunny season. Pack your bags and take a trip with your family or friends to a nearby beach. The variety of activities include parasailing, jet skiing, swimming, building sandcastles, and lying under the sun. Soak up the sun in towns near Massachusetts, like Salisbury, Maine, and Newport, Rhode Island, which offer wonderful beaches and many small boutiques and restaurants for visitors.

    Joshua Hibbert

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