IGOR pumps up fans

Aliviah MacCormack, Staff Writer

Rapper Tyler the Creator released his new album, IGOR, on Friday May 17, 2019. This is his fifth album he produced. IGOR is very different than one of his past albums Flower Boy. Although it was the same style of music, alternative hip-hop, it differed in many ways from his previous albums. IGOR includes eight tracks along with a video game. Tyler the Creator is popular among many high school students.

“IGOR”‘s cover

Tyler the Creator released “EARFQUAKE” and “BOY IS A GUN” prior to the drop of his full album, so they were major hits among fans. “EARFQUAKE” was the favorite among his listeners because of his video game that came along with it. The song “I THINK”  featuring Solange is one of his most catchy songs because the groovy beat in the beginning of the song picks up really quick and easily gets trapped in your head.

One of the most memorable tracks in this album is “WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING.” At only fifteen seconds Tyler decided to slip in a powerful message to his listeners, explaining how in life it is best to go through the steps of life from what is intended of you. Whatever gets thrown at you, you can persevere through it because you can’t always avoid obstacles that are thrown at you but when you are chasing it you are giving it everything you got.

On the album there weren’t any tracks that were specifically weaker than the others, all of the songs were very good and creative. However, on “EARFQUAKE”, Playboi Carti speaks very quickly which is hard to understand. Somehow though, that does not really affect the greatness of the song, as Playboi Carti is a very popular rapper and it sounds good.

All in all, IGOR was a hit among fans, and it even brought some new listeners in. The only place which some might consider a weak spot was barely a weak spot and the rest of the tracks were some of the best songs TTC has released.