Seven pieces of advice for freshman year

Aliviah MacCormack, Staff Writer

Dear incoming freshmen,

Freshman year is one of the most difficult years I’ve experienced so far, so here are some pieces of advice to make your freshman year as least awful as it can be.

  1. Balance your school work and hanging out with friends. While grades are important, it is just as important to have fun and live a little. Even if you’re just Facetiming your friends while doing homework or studying together, you’re still getting that much needed time with a friend.
  2. Try to look for the best in all of your teachers. You’ll have some teachers you may not click with and others you just don’t like, but you will be stuck with them for the whole year so you might as well try to take a positive outlook on the negative things.
  3. Play a sport. Even if you’ve never played a sport, there are plenty of teams that would be happy to have you as a member. The bonds you form with your teammates are like no other and sports are a great way to destress. Stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while is beneficial, and joining a sports team is a great way to branch out.
  4. Don’t push yourself too hard. While in order to achieve your personal best, you have to put in hard work, you also should not be pushing yourself to the point where you’re getting sick. Take a break every once in a while; so what if you can’t complete a worksheet. Try your best.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s cliche I know, but it’s true. One of my biggest weak points this year was comparing myself to my peers, whether it was my grades or on the field. Just do what’s best for you and you will succeed, everyone is at a different speed.
  6. Don’t pay attention to the upperclassmen. Freshmen are supposed to get picked on by the older kids, you’re at the bottom of the food chain, what do you expect. The sophomores will give you a tough time but they just give back what they received, it’s nothing personal. Also, the juniors and seniors don’t even know who you are, so there’s no need to worry about them.
  7. Stay away from drama. Drama can and will consume your life, so you should focus on the more important things like school and your friends. In the end, drama will just drag you down and ruin your reputation that you will carry for the next four years.

Hopefully this advice helps you out because I know I sure could have used it. All in all, just have a good time and try your best. You only live once so make it a good one.