Ghosts take on first round of playoffs

Lyndsay Duato, Writer

During the first few minutes of the game Westford tries and misses a shot. This is only  preview of what’s to come. Westford won the first round playoffs against Medford with a score of 13-4.

The ball moves quickly from the nets of the medford player. Medford senior, Thomas Connearney, takes a shot and misses. Medford Junior, Philip Haberstroh passes the ball to Senior Matthew Crowely who passes right to senior Jasper Su, showing off Medford’s impressive net skills.

Westford sophomore, Matt Sepe, steals the ball and sends a pass flying to senior, Nick Antes, halfway across the field. Antes passes to senior and team captain, Cam Barisano moves in field, passes to Jason Bunyon, who passes to john Alfano. Alfano takes the shot and scores the first goal of the game.

Westford continues to gain the ball all throughout the first quarter and the rest of the game. The first quarter ends with Westford in the lead, 6-0.

During the second quarter the ball goes rapidly back and forth from Medford to Westford. The second quarter score ends with only one point up for Westford with a score of 7-0. Both goalies, medford, did an excellent job of keep the ball out of the net.

The third quarter, Medford takes a lot of time circling the net. But, Westford gets the ball shoots and the goalie catches it in his wide net, but soon drops the ball. Westford Freshman, Ryan McCarthy, scoops up the ball and throws it hard at the net using only one hand.

Westford scores another three points during the game. Medford again gains no points. The score for quarter three ends with Westford still in the lead 10-0.

Westford managed to keep Medford out of the game for three quarters, but they finally managed to get a goal. Medford sophomore, Griffin Schwab scores the first goal of the game for Medford. Medford Senior John McGrath quickly scores another goal. Schwab again manages to score a third and a fourth goal.

The game ends the game with a score of 13-4. Westford moves on to the next round of the playoffs