WA Boys’ Baseball triumphs over Chelmsford


Srinithi Raj

WA players cheer on teammates from the dugout

Srinithi Raj, Feature Editor

On Saturday, June 1 at 3 PM, WA Boys’ Baseball won against Chelmsford on home ground, with a score of 4-2.

Head Coach Mike Parent describes how the team specifically prepared to face Chelmsford. 

“Today [the team] got here early and hit off the pitching machine; it’s something that simulates how fast the ball comes in. And today the machine was put up a little because we knew the pitchers we’d face through fast,” Parent said.

The first inning began with co-captain Matt Laverdure as the pitcher. This inning, as well as the second, progressed quickly, ending with a score of 0-0 by the second inning.

Srinithi Raj
Matt Laverdure commences the game as the first pitcher

Chelmsford, however, got their bats going in the third inning. Quickly filling up 1st and 3rd bases, they scored a run after hitting a single. Westford responded with the same energy; the first batter, #24, received a walk, and both 2nd and 3rd base were filled when WA had one more out left. Soon, all bases were loaded. Yet, all were out when the 3rd batter got out at the 1st base, hence commencing the next inning. The results of the fourth inning didn’t look great for WA either, as Chelmsford received another run, now in the lead 2-0.

“As a team we really need to improve on three things. We need more timely hits, we need to throw more strikes, and we need to maintain energy on the bench and cheer our teammates on. Energy is huge for baseball, and good plays are contagious on a team. We need to have each other’s backs […],”  Laverdure said.

By the end of the 5th inning, things started to lighten up for WA. All three of Chelmsford’s batters struck out within the first ten minutes of the inning. WA managed to get players on both 2nd and 3rd bases, just as they had in the previous inning, but this time they were able to capitalize on those opportunities. With a double hit by John Berrigan, WA scored 2 runs and tied the score 2-2. 

Srinithi Raj
A Chelmsford player sprints to third base

Chelmsford was starting to decrease their chances of winning more and more throughout the 6th inning, with their first batter striking out. Although the second batter received a walk to first base and was also able to steal second, the third batter struck out. WA began with its first batter receiving a walk, and both second and third bases were filled after player #16 stole second base; WA was able to score two more runs by the end of the inning. When they repeated the same strategy, however, making sure players were kept on second and third bases, all players got out.

During the seventh and final inning, Chelmsford’s offensive game proved to be fruitless. Chelmsford’s first batter received a walk to first base, but Chelmsford’s second batter soon struck out. With members on 1st and 2nd base during the climax of the inning, Chelmsford’s next batter managed to get out at first, handing the win to Westford at 4-2.

“I felt great going out there and beating a great team like Chelmsford. We have been in a slump lately, losing our last two games to Lowell and Dracut. […] We rallied as a team and got it done,” Laverdure said.

Ultimately, this win means that although the baseball team’s regular season has ended, it will participate in the playoffs, which will begin next weekend. WA’s opponent will be decided next Tuesday.

“The kids really played hard today and worked really hard, so I’m very happy for them,” Parent said.