Sunscreen finds a new home in the locker rooms


Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

As many people know, wearing sunscreen outside is very important in order to protect skin from damage. Many wear sunscreen playing an outdoor sport or going to the beach. But what about when you’re in an outdoor gym class? Most people don’t even think about wearing sunscreen in their gym class.

Senior Niamh McEwan wanted to change that and took on this challenge as a part of a Girls’ Scout project.

“I realized lots of kids my age don’t wear sunblock when they go outside so I thought it would be a good idea to put sunscreen stations in the locker rooms,” McEwan said.

As for buying the sunscreen, McEwan has got that covered. Sunscreen company Blue Lizard generously donated their sunscreen. McEwan also needed to find a sunscreen that would work for all students.

“I chose chemical-free sunscreen for the kids who have allergies, so I looked at all the ingredients and printed them out on paper which can be found right next to the sunscreen container,” McEwan said.

McEwan also said that some of her friends were involved in the project as well and helped her promote it around the school. Though she likes the sunscreen in the locker room, she wants to expand it to other places in the school as well.

“I plan to put some sunscreen on the track field and by the shed too,” McEwan said.

McEwan is hopeful that students will use the sunscreen and it will be an effective addition to the locker rooms.