Adams to leave her register for a new adventure


Penny Joyce, Staff Writer

Most people know the cafeteria crew as the people who serve the food and the ones who work at the register. Jackie Adams will be retiring after 19 years of working in the cafeteria. Adams is excited for June 14th but enjoyed working at WA.

“I love to cook and I like having the time off we get on vacations and summers, and that’s why I wanted to come here,” Adams said. 

Before coming to WA, Adams worked with toddlers in nurseries and daycares for many years. Now at WA Adams typically works at the register where students pay for their meal which was previously prepared by Adams and the cafeteria crew.

“I’ve had offers for other positions at other schools and I never wanted to take it because I like the administration here and everything, and the girls I work with here,” Adams said. 

Adams wants to retire because she’s always dreamed of traveling and having more free time. Adams has a lot of plans to travel with her husband and she also mentioned that she will use her free time to work out as well.

“In the fall we’re going to Germany, Amsterdam, and Austria, and I work out two hours a day, so I want to continue that,” Adams said.

Adams will miss the meals she has prepared for many WA students over the years.

“My favorite meal, which students don’t always care about, is the turkey dinner,” Adams said. 

Since Adams has liked working at WA, she plans to come back from retirement as a substitute teacher.

Adams has really enjoyed her time as part of the cafeteria crew and mentioned how she’ll miss the women she’s been working alongside with.

“The girls I work with are great, and I’ll be sure to say hi when I come back to visit in the fall,” Adams said.