5 female rap artists changing the game


Kavya Desikan, Editor

I am officially sick of new male rappers today. It seems like today, all that ever hits the airwaves is either the same bubblegum pop or boring mumble rap on the Top 50 radio stations. So, in an attempt to save all our ears from the same, tired sounding rappers of today, I give to you all a list of five female rap artists/groups that are definitely better than any mumble rapper on the Billboard Hot 100 today

1. Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is one of the most experimental rappers in the game right now. Her versatility puts every SoundCloud rapper you’ve listened to shame. Her ability to fine-tune subgenres of rap like mumble rap and trap has made her a heavyweight in the rap game, and her ability to merge genres like rock and rap has made her unlike any rapper you’ve ever heard. Suggested Song: ‘Countin’ Up’ and ‘Poppin”- Rico Nasty

2. The City Girls

Miami Rappers JT and Yung Miami together make up The City Girls. As new Drake co-signs, the duo shot to fame after JT’s feature on Drake’s summer smash hit ‘In My Feelings’. Since then, the girls have not slowed down, releasing hits like ‘Twerk’ with Cardi B and ‘Act Up’. These girls make music you can get angry to, that you can dance with your friends to, and songs that can instantly change your mood. Unafraid to be promiscuous and wild like their male counterparts, The City Girls bring a carefree and fun energy to a rap game so bogged down in sleepy-sounding flows and lo-fi beats. Suggested Song: ‘Act Up’ -The City Girls

3. Doja Cat

Doja Cat is another fun and eclectic rapper and songstress who has recently shot to fame after her viral sensation, ‘Moo”. Beyond her wacky lyrics in ‘Moo’, Doja Cat brings to the table an impressive amount of wordplay and allusion to her lyrics, a great example being ‘Tia Tamera’ featuring Rico Nasty. Doja Cat is one of those artists who truly loves what she does, and you can hear it in her music. Her music isn’t stuffed; you have to take seriously, it is an upbeat shot of happiness to get you through the day. Suggested Song: ‘Tia Tamera”- Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty

4. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest female rappers in the game right now. She is unabashed and vulgar, and cranking out girl anthems for the girls taking over the world day by day. It’s rappers like Megan Thee Stallion who are redefining the feminine woman and opening the definition to women of all shapes, sizes, and goals. She’s an empowered and educated rapper who has understands how contagious confidence is. She’s a fresh sound in the southern rap game and has already begun to break boundaries as the first woman to sign to 300 Entertainment. Suggested song: ‘Big Ole Freak’ and ‘Hot Girl’-Megan Thee Stallion


5. Maliibu Miitch

Maliibu Miitch is probably the most unappreciated rappers on this list. Despite being newer to the game than most of the other rappers on this list, she has her own distinctive style and sound. Despite her high-pitched voice and unthreatening demeanor off-stage, it’s once she opens her mouth on stage that you see a confident, loud, and proud rapper ready to assert her dominance over other Bronx rappers. Her flow is unlike other Bronx rappers, and her lyrics are cut to the point. There’s no dancing around the point, she tells it like it is. Like Megan Thee Stallion, her music is for the girl on her way to taking over the world, and her songs can’t help but make the audience empowered and ready to seize the day. Suggested song: ‘Give Her Some Money’-Maliibu Miitch