ILovekickboxing Gym Punches its Way into Westford


Penny Joyce, Staff Writer

As of this past year there is a new addition to Westford, ILoveKickBoxing, located at 355 Littleton Road Unit 6. This is a chain of kickboxing gyms, and this one is the 276th gym to open. ILoveKickboxing offers a 5-day free trial, so my friends and I were able to go experience what a real class is like. As part of the free trial they gave us free punching gloves that we were able to keep in case we would like to return.

With the 5 day free trial you have to call ahead of time and then go to a class; each class is one hour long. When we first arrived there, an instructor helped us fill out some paperwork about our workout methods before coming to the class. She then gave us a pair of boxing gloves and instructed us to leave our valuables in the locker room along with our shoes and socks. She also explained how they run things at this gym and what the hour-long workout would look like.

The first 15 minutes of the class we stretched and did rigorous workout exercises. For me and my friends this was the most challenging part of the whole class. The instructor for our class had a microphone, and so all over the gym you could hear her suggestions. Mountain climbers, burpees and walking push ups were all included in these 15 minutes. Though challenging, it felt good to push myself and get a good workout.

There is a clock on the TV in the gym that counts up the time so you know how much longer is left in the class. I found this very helpful to refer to throughout the different workouts we did. After the 15 minute alarm went off we were told to get water and put on our boxing gloves. We then all went to a punching bag and the instructor showed us how to properly punch the bag. Some moves we learned and used were jab, left hook, right side kick, left uppercut and many more. We would do a certain pattern of these moves on the punching bag for about 5 minutes and then get instructed to follow another pattern. While in the middle of our rounds, instructors came around and corrected our stances as well as answered any question we had. This was very helpful because once we got the correct moves right the workout was better and more effective.

I really enjoyed this class because it felt like a good environment to work out and have fun in. I could go through the different kicks and punches as quickly or slowly as I wanted, providing the perfect workout depending on my strength level. Throughout the hour, encouraging music was played and water breaks were allowed as well. 

I would give my experience 4/5 stars. This is worth trying if you like to work out and are looking for something new. I would not give it a 5/5 because the price for joining per month is fairly expensive compared to other gyms in the area, approximately $145 per month per person. The 5-day free trial is a great way to see if kickboxing is for you and tell if it’s something you would like to do regularly. If you’re looking for an alternative, fun way to work out, you should give ILoveKickBoxing a try.