Bukuras jumps in as boys’ volleyball coach

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Bukuras jumps in as boys’ volleyball coach

Penny Joyce, Staff Writer

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The Westford Academy boys’ volleyball season is underway as of Monday March 18th when tryouts started. The previous varsity coach Russ Coward decided to step down, so Alexi Bukuras, will be taking over for him.

Bukaras, one of WA’s special education teachers who also teaches study skills and English classes, has had some volleyball experience from playing in high school. Having coached the JVA boys’ volleyball team in past years will help Bukuras adjust to the change.

“I guess it’s just a higher level of play then what I’ve experienced in the past,” Bukuras said.

Coaching a varsity sport requires a lot more time and effort in order to make sure your team is good and can advance to the playoffs. Where as JV still requires lots of effort there usually aren’t playoffs for those teams.

This year Bukuras is coaching alongside JVA coach Jeffrey Kucaj and JVB coach Chris Bramanti. Bramanti coaches boys varsity basketball and this will be his first year coaching volleyball at WA. Bukuras was the JVA coach in previous years for both the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams.

Having already built a relationship with the current varsity players should benefit the team. This will also make the transition with coaches smoother since she knows how the team and program works.

“It’s good to work with the group of seniors that we have this year. I coached them when they were freshmen so I’ve kinda followed them up there for their four years,” Bukuras said.

Bukuras has already started to make the team stronger with tryouts that involved more running than in past years according to some players.

“I hope to maybe bring a new perspective,” Bukuras said.

The boys’ varsity team’s first game will be against Boston Latin on Monday, April 1st at 5:45 in the WA main gym.

“I’m very excited to start the season. I think our team will be strong and competitive,” Bukuras said.