Seniors saying goodbye for internships

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Seniors saying goodbye for internships

Hannah Thomas, Staff Writer

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The seniors left for their Capstone Internship on Thursday, April 5. During Capstone the seniors will do an internship in their field they are interested in and to get a first-hand look at what career path is going to be like.

On December 7, 2018, the seniors were introduced to the program. The seniors developed what to do for their internship. They then wrote an essay about their proposal and submit their applications. The capstone runs from April 8 to May 21, and they will give an oral presentation on what they learned. 

Renee Sawka, a senior, is writing a research paper about the physics of a volleyball serve. She hopes that her research will allow her to improve her skills in her upcoming games at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She also wants to teach it to future players when coaching at a camp.

“I am currently taking physics this year and I found myself enjoying it this year.  I’ve been involved with volleyball for a long time so I thought it would be interesting to combine two of my favorite interests” Sawka said.

Another senior who is taking a different path from others is senior Zoe Tatarka. She is interning with an eighth-grade science teacher at Stony Brook because she wants to try it out and experience what it would be like to teach others about science. By the end of the internship, she hopes to get a confirmation in her career choice and enjoys what her career jobs are going to be.

“It is something I want to do as a career so I thought I would kind of dip my toes into it to see if that is what I want to do” Tatarka said.

Aayush Mehta, a senior, is working with one of his friends to develop a machine learning program that predicts the adaptability of pets, or how long each animal is going to stay at an animal shelter.  He will be trying to develop a program and be doing research.

“I want to be introduced to machine learning as a whole because it is a brand new version of space and use that in my career to develop more internship, more contacts, so I will be able to expand my field of knowledge,” Mehta said.