Hay Day Game Review

Hay Day Game Review

Penny Joyce, Staff Writer

There have been many different games that grabbed people’s attention over the past several years, but Hay Day is one that’s stuck around for some time. My friends and I started playing Hay Day in about seventh grade, we are now in high school and have started playing it again. This game has proven to be timeless and always fun no matter what level you are.

In this game the person playing starts on level one, the game shows them around their farm and how to harvest crops as well as feed animals. The point of this game is to gain coins by filling truck orders with certain things you produce on your farm. As you continue to level up, the game increases in difficulty by requiring you to buy different items for your farms. For example, at level five, you can purchase the bakery which allows you to make bread. Eventually, on a later level, the bread you make can be used to make a hamburger in the grill.

Hay Day provides lots of opportunities to be as creative as you may want by moving the different things you buy on your farm around to anywhere you want. This makes your farm unique to other peoples’. There are also ways to extend your farm if you claim more land by collecting certain items.

Hay Day can be great socially as well because you can connect with other peoples farms and sell items to them. By clicking on the mailbox on your farm you can scroll through the newspaper and see what other people are selling. If you want to purchase it, you click on the advertisement for that item and it brings you to that person’s farm. Once at that farm you can view the whole thing and see what level they are. If you have any friends who play then it’s really fun to create a neighborhood with them. This allows you and your friends to compete in derbies, and by doing this you can win stuff for your farm.

This game is available on the app store to all devices, and although it uses data its a good game to play no matter where you are. It’s always fun to check in on your farm no matter if you’re playing in the middle of the day or at night.