Seniors give insight into their capstone projects

Srinithi Raj and Divya Sambathkumar

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With senior Capstone projects approaching quickly, the Ghostwriter asked a few seniors what their plans were during this time. In place of attending classes in the fourth quarter, seniors spend the majority of April and May working on Capstone before presenting about their experiences in early June.

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  • Anish Venkatesh: “[Three others and I] are creating a spring rec ball league for middle schoolers through Mill Works. I did something similar last year and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

  • Steven Macmaster: I'm going to be shadowing district representative Dennis Galvin on his various obligations to the town Republican State Committee. "

  • Devansh Apte: “I’m working with the Westford Fire Department. I want to be there for people in the community and the fire department seemed like a good option.”

  • Carolyn Graham: “I am running a boys’ rec basketball league with some friends. I want to share my passion for basketball.”

  • Matt Laverdure: “I’m interning at the Westford Police Department. I’ve always wanted to be a police officer and help people, and my parents are first responders, so it inspired me to be one.”

  • Alexa Shepherd: “I am interning at the Harvard police department. I'm going into forensic science for college, so I'm going to be working with a detective there and she's going to be taking me on ride alongs, court hearings and forensic labs.”

  • Aayush Mehta: “I'm working with my friends to develop a machine learning program to predict the adoptability of pets to know how long each animal is going to stay at an animal shelter. I hope to hope use that in my career to develop more internships and contacts.”

  • Patrick Cadogan: “I am doing an internship at Collins Aerospace at Westford Tech Park at the corporate finance department. I am planning to study finance next year in college and I felt it would be an appropriate start to get an actual corporate internship.”

  • Maddie Symes:“I'm painting the history of rock and roll. I'm going to start in the 50s and do rockabilly, and then go all the way up to like 90s and feature something like classic rock, acid rock, and all that. I absolutely love music, and when I got to combine it with another passion, art, I was really excited.”

  • Nick Awada: “[A friend and I] are partnering together with a scholarship fund for school, and we will be making t-shirts and wristbands and sell them to anybody in Westford. We’ll send any profit we make to the fund. I’ve known this fund for a while because of soccer, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep its legacy going.”

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