Ariana Grande’s sweet stop in Boston


Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

As I sat down at The TD Garden Wednesday night March 20th for Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour, I was a little letdown. I looked at the stage and I didn’t see anything that caught my eye, it was very bland and looked like no one had decorated it. My spirits dropped some but I told myself that I shouldn’t judge the production before the show even started. As the lights dimmed down and the crowd stood up on their feet I realized that it didn’t matter what the stage looked like at all, the attention would be focused on Ariana. As she was being elevated onto the stage the crowd went wild. My friends and I went wild. All the moms who were chaperoning their children went wild. The TD Garden transformed into the aesthetic of Ariana’s albums. Orange and black lights flooded the stage and Grande began her first song, God is a Woman

She performed with a spring in her step with her long ponytail trailing behind her. Her vocals were perfection and the performance was thoroughly choreographed. She used the space she was in with elegance and grace. With each song she sang, different props were brought out and added to the act. Different light colors were used with each song providing a different mood with every number. One thing that I found different about her was that she didn’t really address the audience. After one song another would start right up. Although I wish that she talked a little more to the audience and made a connection, I understand why she didn’t. Ariana Grande has so many hit songs and for the amount of money fans spend on her concert, they expect all of those songs.

Though she had limited time on stage she didn’t rush any of the songs that she performed. Every couple of songs she would disappear for a minute and pop right back up in a whole new outfit ready to perform a different song. One thing that I loved about her show was that she included songs from four different albums, Thank U, Next, Sweetener, Dangerous Woman, and My Everything.

Each album was different and unique in their own ways and those traits were brought to life on the stage. One of my favorite parts of the concert was when Ariana brought out rapper 2 Chainz. Together they sang Rule The World while their energy was radiating off them and into the crowd. Grande wrapped up the show with one of her most popular song, Thank U, Next where she pays tribute to all of her exes. Since this is one of my favorite songs by her, I was singing every word.  

Just as the song started, it ended with Ariana thanking Boston and disappearing under the stage. If I could describe my experience at this concert in one word, it would be empowering. Ariana Grande has some serious girl power and she sprinkled it into the show.  I highly recommend going to see her because this review won’t do it justice. Ariana Grande proved that God is a woman and that woman is her.