Earth: A world sitting in an atmospheric oven


Savan Goli, Neil Brown, Anish Jain

Savan Goli, Neil Brown, and Anish Jain

The following submission is a piece written for an English project by contributing writers not involved with the Ghostwriter. This submission has not been edited except to add paragraph breaks. 

Global warming has arrived and its effects are reverberating throughout our ecosystem. The Earth has experienced a rapid upscale increase in global temperatures since the mid 20th century.

This rise can be attributed to the overwhelming presence of greenhouse gases, most notably Carbon Dioxide, in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect states that these gases force the entrapment of the sun’s radiation by the Earth’s atmosphere. The excess Carbon Dioxide is a direct result of the output of fossil fuels.

As humans burn more fossil fuels, the abundance of these gases increases and temperatures will continue to rise. While factories do account for a great proportion of the pollution in the air, much of the responsibility can fall onto the hands of the civilians.

Many of us are known to litter which only adds fuel to the fire. What we think is a minuscule bottle being thrown away actually aids in the devastation of our environment. Despite the conclusive evidence, many are still unaware of the disastrous consequences of their actions. Both students and adults continue to corrupt the environment, oblivious to what they are actually doing.

If action is not taken soon, the repercussions will be irreversible. Agriculture will be demolished – leaving farmers with the inability to produce crops. Sea levels will rise which would lead to massive flooding. The ramifications are endless.

However, there is still hope. We at Westford Academy can take the first step into making a change. By simple word of mouth, we can help promote recycling over and dumping waste in the garbage. Government-wise, we can take legal action by requiring people to recycle and strengthening the currently weak laws against littering.

There is no more time to save this issue for tomorrow. We, as beloved citizens of this Earth, must band together and rectify the issue that is killing our ailing planet.