A Glance Into The Hypnotist Show


Jack Durkin, Staff Writer

On April fifth the Frank Santos hypnotist show will return to WA for its tenth year in a row. The show is a annual fundraiser for DECA and tickets can be bought from either any DECA member or Mr. Rogers.

The show itself focuses on comedy hypnosis and relies on audience volunteers to be hypnotized. Frank Santos wasn’t the only idea tried by DECA for fundraising, there were several other ideas. But Frank Santos was an immediate hit with the audience and attracts returning audience members and it continued to sell out year after year.

While the show changes from year to year with new skits being introduced and older ones being dropped, the core show remains similar. Fan favorite bits remain from year to year, however DECA adviser John Rogers says that it doesn’t get old because new people get hypnotized and everyone reacts differently to the hypnosis. This aspect of hypnosis leads to constantly fresh content and a slightly new show each time.

The sales from the tickets go towards the trip to DECA’s final competition. The first three tickets each member sells pays for the cost of hosting Frank Santos. But after that every ticket sold goes towards reducing the individual cost of that members trip to finals. Rogers says that this incentivizes members to sell and get creative with their sales and some members pay for almost their entire trip with ticket sales alone.

DECA is a business club so the selling the tickets and tracking sales helps develop skills among the members of the club while also providing practice for the oncoming final competition.