The Jonas Brothers return with single ‘Sucker’

Aliviah MacCormack, Staff Writer

On March 1, 2019, the Jonas Brothers released their new single, “Sucker”. After breaking up in October 2013, the brothers went their separate ways, whether it was in pursuing their solo careers or taking a step back from fame. The Jonas Brothers are a pop group that had their own show during the 2000s that was popular among kids and teenagers during that time. Now, their new single is popular among those same people who are now college-aged adults and high schoolers.

The Jonas Brothers rose to fame in 2005 when their show Jonas was released. From there, they starred in the second season of Jonas called Jonas L.A., Camp Rock, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. The brothers released four albums while they were together, from 2006-2009. After their break up, the brothers went their separate ways. Joe Jonas formed the band DNCE in 2015, while Nick Jonas went solo in 2014. Kevin Jonas decided to take a break from music by starting various companies.

“Sucker” varies a bit from the songs the group had when they were younger, but that isn’t to say the song isn’t good. The lead singer now is Nick, whereas in the 2000s it was Joe. Nick has a bigger name than Joe, causing the switch of the frontman of the Jonas Brothers. The group did a good job of balancing the different styles that Nick and Joe have by giving it more pop-sounding vocals, with the background music that is very DNCE-esque.

Some of the weaker points of the song are found within the lyrics. Nick and Joe pretty much just sing the same three verses over and over again. These verses are sung the same way each time, with no variation in pitch or length of notes. Kevin didn’t get much time to shine, which was disappointing to many fans.

All in all, the single was a hit. It was a great return for the Jonas Brothers, even though they gave themselves a new sound. The next thing fans are waiting for is the release of their album, which is on its way.