Fresh catch: WA’s Fishing Club begins outings


Jack Durkin, Staff Writer

In October WA’s newest club was founded, and recently they went on their first organized meeting.

The Fishing Club is advised by Dan Twomey, and freshmen Jon Colley and Jacob Moore are the student advisers. They have been holding meetings at WA, usually in a conference room in the office a few times a month for the past couple of months and has had no outings only until recently.

The club started as an idea over the summer between Colley and Moore, who wanted to have an organization for fishing at school. They soon brought up to the idea of a fishing club to avid fisher and dean Dan Twomey. Thus, in October, the Fishing Club was born.

The initial meetings involved planning a fishing outing for the club. Their first outing was not until this February, where Jon, Jake, and Twomey fished in a pond hosted near house in Groton. However, they plan to meet next week and once the ice thaws and the weather improves, they plan to go fishing somewhere every week. They stated that so far, there has been no set fishing location.

“We’ve just been kind of shooting out ideas about where to go fishing,” said Moore.

They described wanting to meet every week and fish in a new location for every meeting. Twomey said that despite their late start, they plan to grow and expand into a full-fledged club in WA’s growing options for co-curricular activities.

Colley stated that Fishing Club is open to anyone regardless of skill, experience, equipment, grade level, or commitment. For those who want a small taste of the club, they plan on hosting a small bobber tournament towards the end of the year open to anyone.

“It’s open to anybody, doesn’t matter who you are, if you like fishing, if you’ve never fished before,” Colley said.