What electives are you taking next year?

Penny Joyce and Amelia Neal

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  • "Probably graphic design and ceramics again." --Griffin Schwab

  • "I’m going to take ceramics and maybe a writing class." -- Laura Wood

  • "I’m going to take Ceramics because it seems like a fun class." -- Elle Prendergast

  • "I’m going to take Intro to Engineering and Creative Writing because those classes seem like they will get my GPA up." -- Brian Ellis

  • "I’m going to take ceramics and image editing." -- Meghan Mulhern

  • "I have no idea what electives I’m taking next year." -- Robyn Bryce

  • "I’m going to take gym but other than that I don’t know." -- Aniket Manhija

  • "I’m probably going to take Psychology and maybe Photography." -- Sam Krosky

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