Unique Valentine’s gifts for your special someone

By your sweetie a Mushion so they can hold on to you, not matter how far away you are.

Kavya Desikan, Editor

Are you looking to surprise your special someone on Valentine’s Day in the most unorthodox way? These days, flowers and chocolate are overrated and expensive. Here are some great alternatives to give your boo this Valentine’s Day:

1. A heart-shaped tin of Chic-Fil-A chicken nuggets

Nothing says “I love you” like chicken nuggets and mini-sandwiches for the special someone in your life who constantly picks off of your plate. 

2. Pair those nuggets with some delicious Ketchup Caviar to go the extra mile

Only a monster would give their beloved some dry chicken nuggets, so why not throw in some chicken-nugget-compatible caviar in as well?

3. Spend $15 and name a New York roach after your significant other (or ex) at the Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo
Like cockroaches, which have existed for 300 million years, make your love eternal by naming a roach at the Bronx Zoo after your sweetheart.

4. For seniors, going off for college may be a scary hurdle for any relationship, so why not give your darling a gift that reminds them that you’re always there, like your face on a giant pillow.

By your sweetie a Mushion so they can hold on to you, no matter how far away you are.

5. Are you looking for a fun, once-in-a-lifetime-experience to have with your beau? Try going to a concert! My suggestion: Kidz Bop.

For the low cost of $25, you and your loved one can see the hottest musicians in the game right now. Nothing screams romance more than thousands of screaming kids watching family-friendly renditions of everyone’s favorite Top 40 tracks.

6. Don’t worry, my single friends! Why wallow in sadness when you could just swaddle yourself up in a Sourpatch Kids blanket celebrating your relationship status.

Sour Patch Kids
Self-care is self-acceptance. Don’t let couples be the only people who get nice things for V-day.