The Okipoke is better than okay


Hannah Thomas, Staff Writer

The Ghostwriter was able to go visit Okipoke on Friday. Okipoke is a recently opened Japanese restaurant at the Cornerstone Plaza that has been opened for about two years. There, we got a Poke bowl filled with vegetables.

When we arrived, there were couple of people in line waiting to order food.  There were only three options on the menu which was the Poke Bowl, Poke Burrito, and Poke Salad. For the vegetables, they offered assortments like avocado, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. They also had types of fish, chicken, and tofu. There were many sauces such as Sriracha, mango, and their own Okipoke sauce. I got a Poke bowl with brown rice, tomatoes, seaweed, pineapple, corn, onions, and tofu.

Ordering was very easy. I told the chef what I wanted to get, and they would put it in the bowl. After they added the toppings and sriracha, I paid. They don’t weigh the amount of food in the bowl compared to some other places. Some places would charge customers for the amount of food they got which can be on the expensive side even for a little amount, but this restaurant charges 12 dollars for one Poke Bowl regardless of weight.

In the end, it was more expensive compared to other restaurants, because other fast food places would be about 10 dollars if one ordered a meal. The quality of the fresh food and the amount of toppings available made the extra cost worth it. The portions are large enough the food could possibly last about two meals. I also liked that there were many options to choose from. Some foods when they are put together do not taste good. I don’t like the taste of the pineapple with sriracha together because it was sweet and spicy which had a strange taste

Okipoke is open from 11 am to 9 pm from Monday to Fridays. On Saturday and Sunday they are open from 11 am to 10 pm. It is good for people who want to get a healthy meal because they can choose what vegetables they want to have and it is fresh.