Varsity Girls Basketball triumphs over Concord-Carlisle

Keertana Gangireddy, Staff Writer

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  • Sophmore Jennifer Martin attempts to stop a Concord-Carlisle player from catching the ball.

  • A ball swishes through the hoop.

  • An opposing team member attempts to catch the ball falling from the net.

  • Freshman Carly Davey and a teammate attempt to block a Concord-Carlisle player.

  • A Westford player attempts to block an opponent.

  • Westford scores a point.

  • A Concord-Carlisle player talks to a referee.

  • Concord-Carlisle scores a point.

  • Players watch the net in hopes of scoring a point.

  • Multiple players block one another on the floor.

  • A tense play causes a Westford player to fall.

  • Senior Co-Captain Brooke Pillsbury attempts to steal the ball from a Concord-Carlisle player.

  • The rest of the Westford team watches its teammates play.

  • Audience members converse during the game's half-time.

  • An audience member cheers on the home team.

  • Junior Alexandria Giovino takes her free-throw.

  • Announcers keep track of the game's progression.

  • Senior Co-Captain Tess Keele helps up a teammate.

  • A Concord-Carlisle player experiences a fall during the game.

  • Concord-Carlisle anticipates a shot.

  • Sophmore Jennifer Martin attempts to dodge a Concord-Carlisle player and shoot.

  • Freshman Kayley Carignan attempts to pass to her teammate, Sophmore Elizabeth Nolan.

  • Sophmore Jennifer Martin battles with a Concord player for the ball.

  • The referee calls a foul.

  • The girls celebrate their victory after the game, congratulating one another.

  • By the end of the game, Westford wins against Concord-Carlisle by 14 points.

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On Tuesday, January 15th, the Westford Academy Varsity Girls Basketball Team triumphed over the Concord Carlisle Patriots in a home game with a final score of 72-58.

The first quarter ended with Concord Carlisle taking a close lead with a score of 11-12, tending to consistently succeed in making baskets, having a slight edge over Westford Academy.

The second quarter commenced strongly for the Ghosts, with co-captain Brooke Pillsbury making a basket, giving Westford the lead of one point over the Patriots. With a superior defense from junior Alexandria Giovino, #23, and freshman Carly Davey, #20, as well as several points scored from co-captain Brooke Pillsbury, WA pulled up a more predominant lead of 23-17 with three minutes left in the quarter.

However, Concord-Carlisle managed to catch up with the Ghosts, and players Hope Lefebvre and Annie Brennan from the opposition make a series of shots, eventually having a point over Westford Academy with 26-27 as the score. With seconds left before halftime, co-captain Morgan Rose, #22, made a two pointer, ending halftime with a score of 28-27.

Despite Concord Carlisle scoring the first point of the second half, the WA girls acquired and maintained a lead, with the Patriots trailing by only one or two points.

WA extended their lead with Pillsbury being able to move through the defense of the Patriots and making several shots. Adding to this, sophomore Jennifer Martin scored three points, resulting in the score to be 36-29 halfway through the quarter.

Concord Carlisle managed to score points along with WA, almost tying the score to 40-39 before a three-pointer from Rose, closing the quarter with a score of 43-39.

It was in the fourth quarter, that the circumstances went south for the Patriots. They were responsible for an abundance of fouls, which increased the lead that WA held over them. Due to plethora of free throws from the 6 fouls that Concord-Carlisle committed in the fourth quarter alone, as well as the points obtained from Pillsbury, Rose, and and Martin, among others, the Ghosts solidified a win with the final score of 72-58.

“I thought we did a very good job of attacking [Concord-Carlisle] on defense and offense,” said head coach Russ Coward. “This season, we kind of stood around a little bit, but today we were really moving a lot, with and without the basketball. I was very pleased with how it went.”


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