WA Boys’ Basketball loses close game to Cambridge


John Vassiliou, Editor

The WA Boys’ Varsity Basketball team suffered a heart-pounding loss last Friday night when they lost a close game against Cambridge 56-59.

The game started off with both teams coming out strong, with junior Declan Morse getting the first basket putting two points on the board for Westford.

WA acquired an initial lead over Cambridge at the beginning of the first period, with the Ghosts maintaining a brief lead of six points by the four-minute mark. However, this changed within the last 2 minutes of the period when Cambridge was able to close the gap to a competitive two points, before eventually finishing the period with a lead of four over WA, 15-19.

The second period opened with two minutes of deadlock, until Cambridge was able to gain a further lead over the Ghosts by the four-minute mark. However, despite this initial lead over the Ghosts; the second period ended with both teams scoring 13 points, bringing the total score to 28-32 with Cambridge still maintaining a four-point lead.

By the third period, the Ghosts began to fall shorter, despite multiple baskets from #25, junior Jake Barisano. For the first time since the beginning of the first period; the Cambridge Falcons increased their lead over WA by three points, leading the Ghosts seven points with the score being 38-45.

One of the reasons for Cambridge’s lead can be attributed to the fact that they were able to capitalize over the fouls awarded to them. By the end of the game, the Falcons had 13 fouls, while WA had 15, which were predominantly possession rewards as opposed to free throws.

The fourth period was hands down the most heart-racing, with WA coming out strong thanks to the initial baskets from Barisano. WA was also able to capitalize on their free throws, with senior Adam Scaramuzzo sinking five out of the six free-throws awarded to the Ghosts. The initial gap of seven between WA and Cambridge closed to one point within the last minute.

However, Cambridge was able to maintain possession of the ball and score two more points before the last buzzer, bringing the final score to 56-59, and a three-point lead over Westford. A stunning game bringing a close defeat to the WA Grey Ghosts.