Girls’ basketball comes out victorious against Newton-South

Anushka Patil, Staff Writer

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On Friday December 21, 2018, Westford Academy girls’ varsity basketball played against the girls’ varsity basketball team of Newton South. Westford Academy beat the opposing team in a great game, well-played by both teams. Westford Academy won 39-30.

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  • The team high fives one another as names are called out towards the beginning of the game.

  • The ball goes through the net, giving Westford Academy two points.

  • Students play their instruments right before the game begins.

  • Head Coach, Russell Coward, watches as his team plays.

  • #23, senior Brooke Pillsbury, is in mid-pass as she passes the ball to #20, freshman Carly Davey.

  • #20, freshman Carly Davey, is reaching for the ball as the other players watch carefully.

  • Westford Academy's Brooke Pillsbury runs across the court, in an attempt to guard the ball.

  • Freshman Carly Davey dribbles the ball up past the opposing team.

  • Captain Tess Keele, #14, as she releases her free throw.

  • Player attempts to make the rebound.

  • #4, sophomore Elizabeth Nolan, tries to get past the players of the Newton South team.

  • Westford Academy stops the ball from being passed to Newton South.

  • #4, sophomore Elizabeth Nolan, as she makes her way past member of the opposing team.

  • Cheerleaders cheering for Westford Academy after Westford Academy gets two points.

  • Players, of a young girls basketball team, play basketball with one another during half-time.

  • Maiya Boyer and Maura Cappadona, left to right, engage in conversation during half-time.

  • Spectators watch as the game progresses.

  • #23, senior Brooke Pillsbury, as she dribbles the ball.

  • #23, senior Brooke Pillsbury, jumps high in the air to catch the ball.

  • Both teams, Westford Academy and Newton South, are attempting to catch the rebound.

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