Photos: Boys’ Ice Hockey falls to Chelmsford

John Vassiliou, Editor

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WA’s boys’ ice hockey faced off against Chelmsford last Saturday at Skate 3 in Tyngsboro. They lost 2-1 in a game which was a nail-biter for both teams.

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  • Ghosts stretching before the game.

  • Number 35, senior Joe Cornetta, warming up before the game.

  • Ghosts getting warmed up quickly before the start of the game.

  • Ghosts line up on their side of the rink before coming to center ice for the national anthem.

  • Ghosts huddle together before the start of the game.

  • A struggle in front of Chelmsford's net as the Ghosts attempt to score.

  • Number 17, Junior Jason Bunyon, takes a shot at Chelmsfords net.

  • Number 12, junior Matt Curran, attempts to gain control of a face-off.

  • Number 19, senior Tyler Guillemette.

  • Ghosts celebrate after scoring on Chelmsford.

  • Ghosts in the stands look on at their teammates.

  • A puck whizzes by WA's net.

  • Both teams get their eyes on the puck.

  • Chelmsford's goalie attempts to stop a puck shot by number 4, senior Jack Sepe.

  • Players competing for possession of the puck.

  • Number 21, junior CJ Pacifico, and number 2, Sophomore Nate Brown struggle with Chelmsford players for the puck.

  • Chelmsford attempts to shoot on WA's net.

  • Cornetta prepares for a shot from Chelmsford.

  • Cornetta leaves the puck behind WA's net so number 5, junior Matt Moore can retrieve it.

  • Guillementte faces off against Chelmsford.

  • Players go head-on for the puck.

  • Bunyon faces off against a Chelmsford player for possession of the puck.

  • The final score of the game with 28 seconds remaining.

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