Lambert takes on WA’s Tech

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Lambert takes on WA’s Tech

Joseph Cornetta, Staff Writer

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The Ghostwriter had the opportunity to interview Nick Lambert, Westford Academy’s new technology assistant. Lambert helps the students with computer problems, especially Chromebooks.

Q:Where did you go to school? Have you had previous experience as a technical teacher at another school?

A: I attended school at Mount Wachusett College. I did not have any previous experience as a teacher. While in school, I took computer repairing, and pretty much fixed what was broken.

Q: What was your passion that led to a job at Westford Academy?

A: I love computers.

Q: Why Westford Academy? What is it about Westford Academy that intrigued you to apply for the Assistant Computer Technical / Digital Learning position?

A: My college courses dried up, and I never got a chance to advance my degree. I was actually hired by the town to work at Westford Academy, and the town just technically assigned me here.

Q: If the assistant computer technical/ digital learning position was not available, is there a subject you’d be particularly interested in teaching? If so, what subject?

A: Nothing, just techie.

Q: Going into the job, were you aware that all 1600 students were getting Chromebooks? If so, how did you feel about the whole school having them?

A: I was aware that all 1600 students were getting Chromebooks. At first, it seemed crazy to me, but ultimately it’s working well.

Q: What are the common problems the Chromebooks have that students always complain about?

A: Students always leave them at home, or they just forget to charge them.

Q: Outside of Westford Academy, what hobbies interest you?

A: I like to go on the computer. Whether it’s for entertainment, work, or personal use.