WA scores decisive victory over Waltham


John Vassiliou, Editor

The WA Varsity Football Team pulled off a decisive victory over Waltham last Saturday despite the scorching heat and unfamiliar turf.

The game began with Waltham winning the coin toss and electing to receive the ball. This was followed by a fumbled reception, which led to Waltham trying to move their way up from their own three-yard line. This was met by stiff resistance by WA’s defensive line, which refused to yield an inch of turf. In one play, Waltham even lost five yards after the quarterback was sacked by sophomore lineman Jack Wilson.

When it was WA’s turn to go on the offensive, there was nothing but gain after gain made through some excellent formations from the Ghosts, along with great receptions by one of the games MVPs, senior Scott Beattie. The first touchdown came after a pass to Beattie got WA to the seven-yard line. From there, in the first down, senior Nick Antes pushed through the defensive line to score a touchdown, followed by a successful extra point punt from senior Chris Kennedy.

The first quarter went on without Waltham even being able to get to the Ghosts’ side of the field. When the second quarter began, Waltham had time to regroup, though they were initially met by the same stubborn defense from WA. Finally, towards the end of the second quarter, Waltham was able to score a touchdown. But without the extra point from a successful punt, WA was still up by 1, with the score being 7-6 WA.

When the second half began, the players excitedly filed back onto the field with each side keen on getting the initiative. The punt was kicked off to WA, with an excellent return from Beattie. WA pushed hard up the field but was finally brought to a halt by Waltham. Waltham’s offense was short-lived, however, when a pass by their quarterback was intercepted by junior Adam Ohanian who then proceeded to score another remarkable touchdown for WA, followed by yet another successful punt from Kennedy, bringing the score up 14-6. The third quarter finished without any further gains by either side, but by now the fate of the game was sealed for Waltham.

In the fourth quarter, Waltham was once again pushed back into their end for most of the time, even having one of their offensive plays fumbled and recovered by senior Tyler Bella. This continued until WA scored the final blow against Waltham when sophomore Michael Kennedy scored another touchdown followed by another successful punt from Chris Kennedy, bringing the game’s final score to 21-6, with WA taking home the win.

Though the weather was hot and the Ghosts were not on their own turf, they were able to pull off a crushing victory over Waltham.