Country Butcher and Deli, The Best Subs in MA


John Vassiliou

Country Butcher and Deli. Groton, MA

John Vassiliou, Staff Writer

If you want to grab a great lunch, you should stop by Country Butcher and Deli in Groton.

The little butchery has some of the freshest cuts of prime beef in Massachusetts and, they always seem to have something smoking on the big green egg smoker outside. They have a various selection of meats for you to cook for yourself, from pork ribs to beef ribs, along with almost every slice of the beef you can get under the sun.

They also offer a small selection of seafood including haddock, salmon, shrimp, and, when in season, fresh crab.

Aside from the meats, they also make and serve some of the best subs I’ve ever eaten.

The rolls are fresh along with the onions, lettuce, and pretty much any other vegetable you could think about putting on a sandwich. The lines are never long (unless you go in around lunch) and the orders are always out in less than ten minutes. The prices for the subs are also reasonable with a half sub being roughly 6 dollars and a full sub around 8 depending on the sub. The most expensive subs on the list are the lobster roll which is $13.95 and the lobster sub which is $19.95, these are the only exceptions. 

But in my personal opinion, the greatest sub you can get is a hot roast beef and cheese.

I have gone to this shop personally almost every week and once a whole month without missing a day (except sunday when they’re closed) to get the roast beef and cheese.  

Why do I covet this sub so much you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Everything about the hot roast beef and cheese is delicious . The bread is fresh, and seems to slightly absorb the barbecue sauce, not enough to make the bread gooey, but enough to absorb the flavor. On top of that , the beef is well mixed with the barbecue sauce almost to the point where it tastes like its been masterfully marinated overnight. Finally to finish it off, the beef is covered with a layer of cheese of your choosing, with my personal favorite being American.

The staff is friendly and will even put together a custom sandwich for you (to all of the Italian sub lovers out there, it’s not on the menu but don’t fear because if you ask for one they’ll make it.)

To finish off my order, I grab two black cherry sodas out of the small freezer they have and grab a bag of sour cream and onion chips. Some days I may even grab some dried pig ears before I leave for my dogs, or throw in a homestyle chocolate chip cookie in with my order.

In total, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best along with the categories being location, service, and quality; I’d give location a 5, service an 8, and quality 10.

If you want to cook up a good steak, smoke some meat for a barbecue, or just grab one of the (if not the) best subs in Groton, stop by Country Butcher and Deli. And I guarantee you will not be disappointed.